Rit'ko is a sadistic lvl 14 Shatterspear troll torturer, who enjoys his work and is found among the Highborne ruins, due north-east off the Shatterspear War Camp. He's standing in front of a recently tortured to death Lor'danel Sentinel, and his equipment and other victims are all around him.


  • Throw (Throws your weapon at an enemy, inflicting 150% of normal weapon damage. Range: 35 yards, cast time: 1.5 sec)

Objective ofEdit

He's in the new Darkshore questline[1], that was added in the Cataclysm-Logo-Smallcataclysm and part of the quest: Alliance 15 [10] One Bitter Wish, given by the Night elf quest giver Alliance 15 IconSmall Night Elf Female Alanndarian Nightsong, lying infront of the nearby ruins were Rit'ko is found.



Rit'ko says: A new victim! Me was almost don wit this one anyway.
Shatterspear War Camp ruins1

the ruins, found north-east off the war camp.

Shatterspear War Camp ruins2

the ruins, with Rit'ko on the left and Sentinel Aynasha seen in one of the cages.

Drops Edit

Shatterspear Torturer's Cage Key (Unlocks one of the cages found among the ruins, where Sentinel Aynasha is held captive.)

Trivia Edit

  • His name is likely inspired by the word: ritual .

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