WC3RoC logo 16x32 This article concerns content exclusive to the original Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos game release.
Inv jewelry ring 02
  • Ring of Protection +5
  • Increases the armor of the Hero by 5 when worn.
  • "Boosts armor +5."
  • Sell Price: 400Gold

Increases the armor of the Hero by 5 when worn.

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Arthas can find one in Under the Burning Sky, chapter 8 of the Warcraft III undead campaign, Path of the Damned.

Illidan can find one in The Brothers Stormrage, chapter 8 of the Frozen Throne sentinels campaign, Terror of the Tides.

Illidan, Kael, Lady Vashj and Akama can find one in Lord of Outland, chapter 6 of the alliance campaign, Curse of the Blood Elves.

King Arthas can find one in "Ascent to the Upper Kingdom", Chapter VII, Part III of the Undead Campaign, Legacy of the Damned, in WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne. To obtain it, you first have to cross the platforms then destroy the rock chunks at the far right near Anub'arak's spawn which will expose a switch.

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