Ring of Observance

Ring of Observance

The Ring of Observance is the inner cloister of the ruined draenei necropolis of Auchindoun. It is here - accessed either by flight, the ramps leading from the Bone Wastes, or by being summoned via the meeting stone - that players gather to access the four instance wings of Auchindoun:

Location Edit

Continent: Outland
Region: Terokkar Forest

Quests For Edit

Mana Tombs

Mana Tombs' Door

Artificer Morphalius

Nexus-Prince Haramad

Auchenai Crypts
Auch Crypt

Auchenai Crypts' Door

Greatfather Aldrimus

Sethekk Halls
Sethekk Door

Sethekk Halls' Door


Shadow Labyrinth
Shadow Labdoor

Shadow Labyrinth's Door

Spy Grik'tha

Field Commander Mahfuun


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