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Introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm a ride path is a primary means of zone-to-zone travel in the underwater realm of Vashj'ir. They are a transportation link between two fixed geographical points via fixed paths on underwater mounts.

Identification and use Edit

A ride point is manned by a single beast. A ride path must first be "discovered" by visiting an area's ride beast, who will give you access to their ride point's route. If a ride point is available a green Flight Avail 16x16 will appear above its head, and the ride beast will appear as a Flight Avail 16x16 on your mini-map. Once you learn a ride path, it will be offered as route by the ride beast. If you've learned all consecutive ride paths in between, you can choose a far-off destination in the ride map window and you'll automatically ride there -- the routes will be chained together.

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