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Rheastrasza, also known by her goblin guise Rhea, is a quest giver initially found at Rhea's Camp in the Badlands. The main storyline quest of the Badlands in Cataclysm is centered around her research of the black dragonflight and of a way of purifying them. She has captured the black dragon, Nyxondra, and forces her to lay eggs for the experiments. She feels pity for the black dragon, but knows it is for the greater good. After succeeding in creating a purified black dragon egg, she constantly moves around to avoid being found by agents of the black dragonflight, who want to destroy the egg.

In the quest Rheastrasza's Gift, she is killed by Deathwing, who was after the egg. The egg he destroyed, however, was not the purified one, but Rheastrasza's own egg.

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