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CombatMob 32Rezznik
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 60
Health 6,410
Mana 4,186
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Blackrock Depths
Status Killable
See Icon-3D-48x48

Rezznik is a level 60 elite goblin engineer, and is part of Theldren's team of gladiators at the Blackrock Depths arena.


  • Drink Healing Potion - Uses a Holy elixir to heal the caster. Has been observed in-game to restore 1768 hit points.
  • Recombobulate - Dispels Polymorph effects on a friendly target. Also restores 563 to 937 health and mana.
  • Dark Iron Bomb - Inflicts 225 to 675 Fire damage and incapacitates targets in a 5 yard radius for 4 sec. Any damage will break the effect.
  • Goblin Dragon Gun - Deals 158 to 192 fire damage for 8 sec to all targets in a cone in front of the engineer using the weapon. That is unless it explodes.....
  • Explosive Sheep - Creates 1 Explosive Sheep that charges the nearest enemy and explodes for 135 to 165 Fire damage. Explosive Sheep are unstable and will self-destruct after 1 min.
  • Summon Arcanite Dragonling - An Arcanite Dragonling comes to life and defends the engineer for 1 min.

Abilities used by the Arcanite Dragonling:

  • Flame Buffet - Inflicts 19 to 21 Fire damage to an enemy and increases the Fire damage it takes by 20 for 45 sec.
  • Flame Breath - Inflicts 5 Fire damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.

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