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Rezzer is a nickname for any group or party who can "rez" (resurrect). Not having someone in this role can slow down group progress due to dead members having to run to their corpses after they die. Previously, this was a problem with druid healers because they could only resurrect once every 20 minutes, but now that all classes that can heal can resurrect, it is very unlikely that you will ever need to look for a separate rezzer.

Primary rezzers: priests, paladins, shamans, and druids.

Secondary rezzers: warlocks (via a pre-cast buff) and engineers (via [Goblin Jumper Cables], [Goblin Jumper Cables XL] or [Gnomish Army Knife]. Though these have a chance to fail, about 33%; 50%; and 66% success rates, respectively.)

Druids and engineer rogues can rez party members who managed to die on the far side of aggro-ible mobs, as they can stealth.

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