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Ability priest bindingprayers
  • While within Chakra: Serenity or Chakra: Sanctuary, your Holy Word: Chastise ability will transform into a different ability depending on which state you are in.

    Holy Word: Serenity
    Instantly heals the target for 5198 to 6100, and increases the critical effect chance of your healing spells on the target by 25% for 6 sec. 15 sec cooldown.

    Holy Word: Sanctuary
    Blesses the ground with Divine light, healing all within it for 299 to 355 every 2 sec for 18 sec. Only one Sanctuary can be active at any one time. 40 sec cooldown.
Usable by
LocationHoly, Tier 5
Points required20
Spec specificYes
Talent requiredHoly Concentration, Chakra

Revelations is a new talent in patch 4.0.1 which morphs the holy specialisation spell Holy Word: Chastise into a new healing spell based on your current Chakra state.

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