A red Reth'hedron

Reth'hedron the Subduer is a level 73 elite eredar found in Twilight Ridge in Nagrand. He is the leader of the Burning Legions forces in Nagrand.

Reth'hedron is a horrifying sight to behold. Towering above his enemies, this eredar demon lord commands the Legion's forces in Nagrand from his stationary point of Twilight Ridge. His skin is red like the blood of slain opponents, and his eyes flicker green with the flame of the Burning Legion. Although his armor is limited, covering only his shoulders, waist and feet, he is still an enemy not easily destroyed.

Quest involvement Edit

He is part of the Netherwing quest Neutral 15 [70] Subdue the Subduer.

Quotes Edit

During Subdue the Subduer:

  • What do you hope to accomplish from this, insect?
  • You are making me angry, mortal!


  • You will regret this, mortal! Reth'hedron will return... I will have my vengeance!

He may or may not yell any of these quotes at any given time you fight him.

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