Restless Shadeling is an Undead Battle pet, which can only be found and captured in Deadwind Pass in the early morning.


Restless Shadelings begin to spawn at exactly midnight PST, in The Master's Cellar near the meeting stone for Karazhan. There are two entrances to the cellars, which are right across from each other. They continue to spawn for most of the morning until about 9:00 AM PST, when they despawn. They do not spawn with adds, so you fight only the Restless Shadeling in the pet battle.


Name Level Damage Healing Duration Cooldown Accuracy Type
[Shadow Shock] 1 26 85% Pet type undead
[Plagued Blood] 2 16 5 turns 100% Pet type undead
[Death Coil] 4 15 50 95% Pet type undead
[Arcane Blast] 10 15 100% Pet type magic
[Death and Decay] 15 9 turns 100% Pet type undead
[Phase Shift] 20 1 turn 4 turns 100% Pet type magic


Capturing a Restless Shadeling is a requirement for the Battle Pet achievement: