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Restless Apparition appears from a Combat 15 Risen Spirit or Combat 15 Risen Husk after it has been slain in Witch Hill of Dustwallow Marsh.

Objective ofEdit

They give information for the quest Neutral 15 [36] What's Haunting Witch Hill?.

Restless Apparition could say:

It was... terrible... the demon...
The darkness... the corruption... they came too quickly for anyone to know...
The darkness will consume all... all the living...
It is too late for us, living one. Take yourself and your friend away from here before you both are... claimed...
It is too late for Jarl... its hold is too strong...
Why have you come here, outsider? You will only find pain! Our fate will be yours...
Go away, whoever you are! Witch Hill is mine... mine!

Patch changesEdit

Bc icon Patch 2.3.0 (13-Nov-2007): Added.

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