Report from the Frontlines: Western Northrend

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Report from the Frontlines Western Northrend

The Report from the Frontlines: Western Northrend can be found behind Highlord Darion Mograine on the first floor of Acherus: The Ebon Hold. [48.6, 29.5]

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WESTERN NORTHREND - Reports from the Aerial Surveillance Squadron in Icecrown Glacier show that communication with the lich-lord, Chillwinter, has been cut sharply off. "Chillwinter was last seen piloting the necropolis, Talramas, over Borean Tundra on a confidential mission," reports Scourge Engineer Karomon, the Squadron's chief information officer. "Our diagnostics show that his communication crystals are fully operational... it's just... dead silent."

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