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A repeatable quest is a quest that can be done more than once.


  • (RRQ Avail 16x16/RRQ Complete 16x16) Daily quests are quests you can do everyday and reset at 3am server time, and have a limit on 25 per day.
  • (Quest Avail 16x16/Quest Complete 16x16) Weekly quests are quests you may do once a week as they reset every maintenance day.
  • (RRQ Complete 16x16) general repeatable quests, which can be done an unlimited number of times in a day. Usually have reputation requirements/limits. (example: Quest:Additional Runecloth or most quests that say "more")
  • While not true repeatable quests the (Quest Avail 16x16/Quest Complete 16x16) seasonal event quests are usually reset each year making them yearlies.

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