The Remnant of Dahlia Suntouch is the freed spirt of Dahlia Suntouch, a high elf who voluntarily served Alexstrasza the Life-Binder and the Red dragonflight. For longer than she could remember, she was the keeper of the Ruby Dragonshrine and was given the [Ruby Brooch] as the insignia of her post. Her only regret is that when the Scourge overran the shrine, she failed in her mandate to protect it. The human death knight Orbaz Bloodbane killed her and raised her in undeath.

As a banshee in service to the Scourge, she became a source of corruption for the shrine. Her spirit is freed from the banshee remains by adventurers for the quest Through Fields of Flame. The Red flight think very highly of Dahlia, and when informed of her death, several express great sadness and state that she would be deeply missed.


Remnant of Dahlia Suntouch says: I've lived here and kept this shrine with the blessing of Alexstrasza for longer than I can remember. In it's darkest hour, I've failed... I fell at the feet of that damned deathknight... Bloodbane.
Dahlia spits on the ground at the thought of the name.
Remnant of Dahlia Suntouch says: The Lich King is stretching his hand far now... fearlessly treading on the most sacred lands of all the flights. He intends to force us to action.
Remnant of Dahlia Suntouch says: My time is done... I offered myself to Alexstrasza in life, but I have nothing left to offer in death. She will need a new keeper for her shrine.
Remnant of Dahlia Suntouch says: And thank you... thank you for freeing me from the shackles of the damned. You are a hero... I know you will go on to great deeds.
The Remant of Dahlia Suntouch fades away...


From the description of her life and her position, it is likely that Dahlia was given immortality, and may have been dragonsworn.

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