Relic Coffer

Relic Coffer

The Relic Coffer is located in the Blackrock Depths.


Name Type Level Drop %
Inv misc bag 10 [Small Sack of Coins] Container 1 77
Inv jewelry necklace 11 [Sparkly Necklace] Junk 1 69
Inv belt 33 [Shiny Bracelet] Junk 1 68
Inv misc note 01 [False Documents] Junk 1 29
Inv misc note 06 [Legal Documents] Junk 1 20
Inv misc bag 10 red [Sack of Gems] Container 1 9
Inv misc bag 10 [Fat Sack of Coins] Container 1 8
Inv boots 06 [Dark Iron Baby Booties] Junk 1 5
Inv misc note 02 [Deed to Thandol Span] Junk 1 1
Inv jewelry ring 15 [Dark Iron Ring] Ring 48 0.5
Inv jewelry necklace 02 [Fire Opal Necklace] Neck 47 0.5

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