For unique race ideas see Race ideas.

This page represents the best efforts of the WoWWiki community to create a fact-based analysis of related species ideas on why races directly connected to other races as protospecies, protoraces, subraces, or subspecies unsuited to the race ideas page may or may not be included as a playable race as the World of Warcraft expands. Note that, though Blizzard currently appears to have a policy of choosing original and unique races, this page is no less legitimate than the above.

Important information Edit

Legend Edit

+ Lime green — strongly for
Use {{text|#40FF20|<reason>}}; Must be cited.
+ Dark green — for
Use {{text|#009900|<reason>}}; Must be cited.
? White — neutral, could influence either way
Also used for speculation and comparisons, that may have some support in lore or World of Warcraft game mechanics. Must be cited (must be proven to be relevant to the topic).
- Orange — against
Use {{text|#FFA000|<reason>}}; Must be cited.
- Red — strongly against
Use {{text|#FF2222|<reason>}}; Must be cited.
Grey — additional info
Use {{text|#AAAAAA|<reason>}}; Used for observation or speculation related to the main point.

Qualification factors Edit

If you think something on this page is inaccurate, please check the discussion tab before you change it yourself. Let people know you think it is incorrect, and leave your ideas and sources for your information. Together, we can agree on how feasible it is. Only add verifiable and cited information. If something is added that lacks a source and proper citation, it will probably be viewed as speculation and will be removed or demoted to the neutral "?".

Please use your common sense and stick to Humanoid-type sub-species of current playable races. If you are unclear as to whether a race belongs on this specialised page, open up a new discussion tab on the talk page; the race will either be reallocated to the future race ideas page or if it does not qualify for either page, will not be added.

In order to bulk out the page during construction without unneccessary delay, new subsections may be added without the prior receipt of majority consensus. However, it is required that you allow for peer review by creating a relevant topic here. This guideline will be subject to change as the page becomes more heavily edited.

Please discuss ideas on the talk page if you feel there should be other major changes to the main article, so the page does not become a battlefield for clashing ideas. If you do not follow the above, you may be prevented from editing.

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