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The Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is an epic flying mount. This mount is without a doubt one of the most difficult to obtain in the game, due to the huge demand added to the extremely rare spawn of the Time-Lost Proto Drake

Source Edit

This item drops from the rare spawn Time-Lost Proto Drake in The Storm Peaks.

Relation to the Vyragosa rare spawn Edit

The Time-Lost Proto-Drake is said to share spawn points and timers with Vyragosa, an 80 Rare elite blue dragon in the Storm peaks. While Vyragosa and the Time-Lost Proto Drake share spawn timers and points, the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is suspected to be a "Rare spawn" of Vyragosa, and has a small chance to spawn in Vyragosa's place. The spawn timer is said to be anywhere from 6-24 hours, although there are unconfirmed instances of the spawn timer to be less than 6 hours, but never more than 24. The Spawning time is randomly chosen.

Vyragosa and the Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawn at various points around the Storm Peaks, with four confirmed paths:

The spawn point is said to be randomly chosen.

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