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This is the Red Mageweave collection. A collection is not a true set. You will not receive bonuses for wearing multiple pieces. This collection is intended for a fire mage.


Red Mageweave Set

The Red Mageweave Vest, Shoulders, Pants, Gloves, and Headband.

Made by
Character requirements
  • Character level 43 (to wear Headband)
  • Tailoring skill level 240 (to make Headband)
Materials Required
Red Mageweave Cloth Items (the +Dmg signifies damage or healing done by magical spells & effects)
Item Level Armor Rating Intellect +Dmg From
[Red Mageweave Pants] 38 49 12 14 [Pattern: Red Mageweave Pants]
[Red Mageweave Vest] 38 57 18 0 [Pattern: Red Mageweave Vest]
[Red Mageweave Gloves] 40 37 10 11 [Pattern: Red Mageweave Gloves]
[Red Mageweave Shoulders] 42 46 15 0 [Pattern: Red Mageweave Shoulders]
[Red Mageweave Headband] 43 51 20 0 [Pattern: Red Mageweave Headband]
Totals 240 75 25

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