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Red Comet is a ficticious substanced created for use in a short story-arch involving Aeryn Ein.

About Red Comet Edit

"Like a brilliant burning red comet it strikes hard and fast - and like the brighest of flames, it burns itself out just as hard as it strikes.."

The history of Red Comet stretches back even before the first Orcish War - and it has been notoriously 'banned' since then. So terribly strong was the substance, that those who took it have rarely survived - because of this, very few people have experienced this powerful narcotic like substance. Few people sample it these days because of the powerful addiction, and almost garunteed outcome of death. Even the bravest of drug circles and cartels avoid it. It is outlawed without being expressly so - it has become synonymous with death itself.

Chemically speaking, Red Comet combines powerful medical grade traquilizers and seditives with mood-supressants. These base chemicals are liquified, mixed together, and combined with the distilled essences of Purple Lotus, Crimson Lotus and Fireblossom. Purple Lotus, a powerful drug that is often burned and smoked, combines its' essence with the naturally burning oil essence of the Fireblossom - combined with Crimson Lotus ,which takes some of the natural bite from the two chemicals, creates the strong vapor which delivers the rest of the drugs. The Fireblossom and Crimson Lotus oils create the reddish to reddish orange, semi-transluscent color that is Red Comet.

When inhaled, Red Comet immediately causes a state of euphoric light headedness, as the chemicals are absorbed through the nasal cavity and broken down by the body, immediately feeding into the blood stream to the brain. The chemicals shunt off some of the higher brain functions, resulting in a very short 'buzz' sensation. The absorbed chemicals leave a chemical residue build up that the body is naturally able to absorb and break down - but these chemicals, as they are broken down, trick the body into having an almost insatiable dependency on this substance. The first sniff creates the euphoric sensation that lasts for no more than a few seconds - Red Comet's effects rarely last for more than five to ten seconds - and creates a lasting 'crave' that starts out unmistakingly strong, and generally fades away after the course of twenty-four hours. Only the strongest of constitution can fight off the intial craving, which generally subdues to a subtle nagging feeling after only an hour.

As one continues inhaling Red Comet, the chemical residue builds up more and more, creating a stronger fixed physical desire for the drug - resulting in stronger cravings for inhalation, followed by longer and longer periods of want. Over time, as the residue builds up, the tranquilizer and mood supressant bases slowly shut down higher brain functions, causing fits of uncontrolled rage, memory loss, 'blanking', and eventually reverting the inhaler to a very agressive and dangerous 'feral state'. Over the course of several days, these periods of agression become stronger and stronger - curbed only slightly by further inhalation of Red Comet.

Eventually, prolonged and repeated exposure to Red Comet causes total shut down and shunting of higher brain functions, eventually leading to brain death

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