Realm History ( stands as one of the most flexible, user-friendly, cross-realm platforms dedicated to high-end PvE communities in World of Warcraft. It offers specific realm support in archiving and updating much needed guild and raiding data and provides a hub for quickly attunement to the latest realm-community events and progress.

We recently added support for Guild Recruitment. It takes around 30 seconds for a guild member to submit his guild recruitment status and after the data is validated by a Realm History Administrator it will become visible on our site in the respective realm "Guild Recruitment" section but also in the worldwide "Last Recruiting Posts" page which will be browsed by players from all realms that are looking to transfer.

Another function which we just added is the Screenshot Gallery. You can either browse the screenshots from a specific realm or from all the realms and you can view the newest screenshots added, or the most popular ones.

Realm Features:
- Screenshot Gallery (new)
- Guild Index
- Guild Recruitment (new)
- PvE Progression
- Rare Crafts database

Worldwide Features:
- Instance Status
- Guild Search by PvE progress and Recruitment Status (new)
- Last Recruiting Guilds (new)
- Last Downed bosses
- Screenshot Gallery (new)

The idea behind this site was to come with a fresh take on the whole handling of data that realm communities feel the need to record during their process of organization. The painful updating of endless threads on the official forums, dealing with cumbersome excel tables or rudimentary hosted charts constituted the drive of the project and we think we have come to the point where we are able to offer an easy, fast and appealing interface for best reading and appealing interface for best reading and updating your realm's guild index, PVE progression and rare crafts' list.

At the moment our incipient network provides services for about a dozen of realm communities and around another dozen is being brought up to date by our administrators so as to be released in the near future. For information on how to host your realm on Realm History please drop by and leave us a note on our forums, Affiliation section.

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