The Razorfen Tribe are the most powerful quilboar tribe in the land. They practice a shamanistic magic and stage attacks on rival tribes and Horde villages. Charlga Razorflank leads the Razorfens.[1] (LoM 29) They have their rivals, the Razormane in the north.

The tribe controls both Razorfen Kraul and the Razorfen Downs where Agamaggan died. The quilboar are believed to be the offspring of Agamaggan. Razorfen Kraul was conquered by Charlga Razorflank, who is now living deep inside. Within their lair they plan to attack their rival tribes and occasionally Horde villages. As stated by Charlga Razorflank, their "New allies will avenge us". The Razorfen seemed to have befriended the scourge in the Razorfen Downs, but the scourge took them over, and forced them to move their capital into Razorfen Kraul.

The tribe now fights a desprate battle in the Razorfen Downs against the scourge, led by Amnennar the Coldbringer.

Known membersEdit

Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Quilboar Female Halmgar Earthcaller Killable Razorfen Kraul
Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Quilboar Male Ramtusk Leader, overlord Killable Razorfen Kraul
Combat Icon 16x16IconSmall Quilboar Female Roogug Killable Razorfen Kraul