Raz imprisoned in the Chamber of Incineration.

Raz the Crazed was formerly known as Raz Skullcrusher, the bodyguard of Finkle Einhorn. At the behest of the Guardians of Hyjal, Raz and Finkle were investigating the re-emergence of Ragnaros, discovering the Twilight's Hammer clan moving elementals from Mount Hyjal to Blackrock Caverns.

They descended into the Caverns to investigate further; however, when they arrived, they were attacked. Raz defended Finkle, allowing the gnome to escape, but he was beaten and captured by Rom'ogg Bonecrusher in the process.

The clan subjected the heroic Orc to twisted magical experiments, turning him into a monstrosity. He is kept magically bound within the Cavern's Chamber of Incineration[50, 64.4]
. Once freed, he goes on a wild, rage-filled rampage, hurtling through the Caverns and killing any cultists he comes across before finally meeting his end at the hands of Ascendant Lord Obsidius.

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  • Raz is released from his prison upon the death of Rom'ogg.
  • For those interested in attempting to save Raz from his fate, players have discovered a way.

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