A level 9-10 darkhound found in Tirisfal Glades. They often drop Stringy Wolf Meat, and their Darkhound Blood is sought after by Apothecary Johaan.


Items Level Type Slot Drop %
Inv misc food 14 [Stringy Wolf Meat] 5 Trade Good 78%
Inv gauntlets 02 [Rabbit's Foot] 5 Junk 13.9%
Inv misc bone 08 [Fractured Canine] 1 Junk 11.6%
Inv potion 08 [Darkhound Blood] 1 Quest Item 7%
Gray Fur Booties 9 Armor Feet 4.8%
Inv misc gem emerald 03 [Malachite] 7 Trade Good 0.9%


Objective: Apothecary Johaan in the town of Brill wants you to collect 5 Vials of Inv potion 08 [Darkhound Blood].

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