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Ravaged Corpses are common zombies found west of Brill, in central Tirisfal Glades. They have infested the area near the old bridge by Cold Hearth Manor, and are becoming a nuisance to Forsaken activities in the area. Deathguard Dillinger is looking for adventurers to beat them back.

Attacks and abilitiesEdit

Loot Edit

Battlemastergossipicon Item Level Type Drop %
Inv misc monsterclaw 01 [Putrid Claw] 1 Quest 33%
Inv fabric linen 01 [Linen Cloth] 5 Trade Good 30%
Inv mushroom 13 [Forest Mushroom Cap] 5 Consumable 8%
Inv drink 07 [Refreshing Spring Water] 5 Consumable 4%
Inv potion 49 [Minor Healing Potion] 5 Consumable 2%


Objective: Collect 7 [Putrid Claws] from Rotting Dead or Ravaged Corpses.

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