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HordeNPC 32Rarck
Title <General Goods>
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 55 - 80
Health 102,820 - 309,510
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Alterac Valley
See Icon-3D-48x48

Rarck can be found in Alterac Valley.

Sells Edit

BankergossipiconItem Quantity Level Skill Slot Price Availability
Inv drink 07 [Refreshing Spring Water]5525CopperUnlimited
Inv drink 09 [Melon Juice]5255SilverUnlimited
Inv drink 02 [Moonberry Juice]5452SilverUnlimited
Inv drink 12 [Sweet Nectar]5351SilverUnlimited
Inv ammo arrow 02 [Sharp Arrow]20015ArrowProjectile5CopperUnlimited
Inv ammo bullet 02 [Heavy Shot]20015BulletProjectile5CopperUnlimited
Inv ammo arrow 02 [Razor Arrow]20030ArrowProjectile3SilverUnlimited
Inv ammo bullet 02 [Solid Shot]20030BulletProjectile3SilverUnlimited
Inv throwingknife 01 [Broken Keen Throwing Knife]2001675CopperUnlimited
Inv throwingknife 03 [Broken Heavy Throwing Dagger]200272SilverUnlimited
Inv throwingaxe 01 [Sharp Throwing Axe]20016ThrownRanged75CopperUnlimited
Inv throwingaxe 05 [Broken Deadly Throwing Axe]200272SilverUnlimited
Inv tradeskillitem 01 [Simple Wood]1538CopperUnlimited
Inv stone 11 [Flint and Tinder]151Silver 35CopperUnlimited
Inv misc bag 10 [Heavy Brown Bag]12510 SlotBag2GoldUnlimited
Inv misc bag 09 [Brown Leather Satchel]1158 SlotBag25SilverUnlimited
Inv ammo bullet 01 [Accurate Slugs]20045BulletProjectile1SilverUnlimited
Inv weapon shortblade 25 [Jagged Arrow]20045ArrowProjectile1SilverUnlimited
Inv throwingaxe 06 [Gleaming Throwing Axe]20040ThrownRanged8SilverUnlimited
Inv throwingknife 03 [Broken Wicked Throwing Dagger]200408SilverUnlimited
Inv throwingknife 01 [Keen Throwing Knife]11675CopperUnlimited
Inv throwingaxe 05 [Deadly Throwing Axe]1272SilverUnlimited
Inv throwingaxe 06 [Gleaming Throwing Axe]1408SilverUnlimited
Inv misc ammo arrow 03 [Wicked Arrow]2008016SilverUnlimited
Inv misc ammo bullet 02 [Impact Shot]2008016SilverUnlimited
Inv weapon shortblade 14 [Heavy Throwing Dagger]1272SilverUnlimited
Inv weapon shortblade 15 [Wicked Throwing Dagger]1408SilverUnlimited
Inv throwingaxe 01 [Jagged Throwing Axe]1558SilverUnlimited
Inv weapon shortblade 24 [Blacksteel Throwing Dagger]1558SilverUnlimited

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