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Ranger refers to a member of one of several distinct orginizations within the Warcraft universe.

Elven rangerEdit


Warcraft II Elven Ranger artwork.


An Elven Archer and Elven Ranger.

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Elven rangers are rangers found in the high elf and blood elf forces. They are elite wilderness warriors, archers, and skirmishers, capable of doing tricks with the bow that few others can hope to match. Their ability to fight in the wilderness is equaled only by the Horde's orc hunters.[1][2]

High elven rangers are also a unit in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.

Human rangerEdit

Nathanos Blightcaller was once a ranger lord — the first and only human ranger lord.[3]


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Rangers have always remained a large part of Night Elf society, but among the Kaldorei they are called by their ancient title: Sentinels.

Pit lord rangerEdit

Pit lord rangers find fel stalkers and train them.[4]

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