A general meaning, drop type, item property possibility, or slash command for rolling.

Command Edit

  • /random : will perform the same result as /roll 100 , and will make you Roll a random number between 1-100, this is done to fairly distribute items chests or other things when in a party.

Occurrence Edit

  • Something not guaranteed, random, a thing that might or might not happen.

Drop chance Edit

  • Most items have a drop %, meaning the chance of getting the exact item you want will be determined randomly. Gandling in Scholomance For instance has a random chance of dropping 1 of the Tier 0 Rare set items.
  • Some boss monsters are "able" to drop 1-2 Uncommon, Rare or Epic items out of a average selection of 10 to 20 or more, available to them. This will cause each item to have a certain % chance of dropping when this boss is looted.

Item Property Edit

Some items can have a random item property. Examples of these are:

  • of Fiery Wrath, of the Wolf, of the Boar, of the Monkey, of Nature Resistance.

See random item property for more details on properties.

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