This is a list of the faction rewards from the Ramkahen faction.

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Prices shown reflect the cost at the reputation level required to buy the item. (ie. Drystone Greaves cost 57Gold 6Silver 1Copper at Honored, but will be less at Exalted)

Item Cost Type
Friendly [Tabard of Ramkahen] 95Silver Tabard
Honored [Belt of the Stargazer] 32Gold 78Silver 82Copper Mail Melee Waist
[Drystone Greaves] 57Gold 6Silver 11Copper Plate Caster Feet
[Shroud of the Dead] 32Gold 54Silver 89Copper Melee Back
[Ammunae's Blessing] 19Gold 23Silver 64Copper Caster Finger
Revered [Arcanum of the Ramkahen] 135Gold Melee Head Enchant
[Robes of Orsis] 45Gold 69Silver 37Copper Cloth DPS Chest
[Red Rock Band] 19Gold 23Silver 64Copper Melee DPS Finger
[Quicksand Belt] 27Gold 1Silver 50Copper Leather Melee Waist
[Sash of Prophecy] 32Gold 29Silver 38Copper Mail Caster Waist
Exalted [Desert Walker Sandals] 45Gold 47Silver 71Copper Cloth Feet
[Sandguard Bracers] 53Gold 15Silver 85Copper Plate Tank Wrist
[Sun King's Girdle] 52Gold 95Silver 73Copper Plate Caster Waist
[Gift of Nadun] 19Gold 23Silver 64Copper Melee DPS Neck

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