Rala Wildheart is an orc found in Warspear, Ashran. She is located by the tauren quarter's central fire, where she is engaged in conversation with Shadow Hunter Askia.

Quotes Edit

  • Rala Wildheart says: The situation has become very dangerous on Ashran lately. This morning I nearly had my head taken off by an enraged ancient.
  • Shadow Hunter Askia says: Da Alliance must be desparate to obtain da artifact to unleash such foes upon us.
  • Rala Wildheart says: The fury of nature should not be abused in such a way. In the end, they will pay for their folly.
  • Rala Wildheart says: The primal forces of Draenor are wild and untamed. They seem to resist any attempt at control.
  • Shadow Hunter Askia says: Dat must make things difficult for ya on da battlefield.
  • Rala Wildheart says: Not necessarily. I still have my teeth and claws.

Notes Edit

Rala's appearance, as well as her name and conversation, seems to depict her as a druid. Orc druids are not currently an allowed race/class combination; Rala may therefore be a foreshadowing of the combination becoming playable in the future.

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