Rakmar Sharpfang

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This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.
Neutral 32Rakmar Sharpfang
Orcmale nopic
Gender Male
Race Orc
Character class Necrolyte
Affiliation Horde, Stormreaver Clan
Position Necrolyte
Location Unknown
Status Deceased

Rakmar Sharpfang was a necrolyte under the command of the warlock Gul'dan during the Second War. He was the unofficial leader of the group of necromancers.

When Gul'dan submited to Orgrim Doomhammer, he promised him command of a powerful set of allies of his creation to use against the Alliance of Lordaeron. When Rakmar repeatedly failed Gul'dan to produce such a creature, the old warlock came up with another way for Rakmar to serve.

Rakmar was the first of the necrolytes slaughtered for the sake of using their energies to create the Death Knights. ToD 88

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