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CombatMobElite 32Rajh
Title <Construct of the Sun>
Gender Male
Race Titanic watcher (Giant)
Level 87 Elite
Health 2074k (normal)
5M (heroic)
Location Seat of Radiance, Halls of Origination
See Icon-3D-48x48

Rajh, the construct of radiance, is a boss of the Halls of Origination in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Tactics summary

  • Normal: Interrupt Summon Sun Orb and Inferno Leap. If you are targeted by Inferno Leap, move away even if you think the cast will get interrupted. Avoid the Solar Winds tornado. Save CDs for when Rajh goes to the center to recharge, since players get a 100% damage bonus during this time. Healer should use AE heals during the recharge phase.
  • Heroic: Avoid fire trail left by the Solar Winds tornado.


  • [Summon Sun Orb]—Summoning a Orb of the Sun.
  • [Sun Strike]—Inflicts X Fire damage to an enemy. 25 Sun Energy
    • [Sun Strike]—A raging strike from the sun blister the enemy target, dealing 9652 Fire damage every 3 sec for 15 sec.
  • [Inferno Leap]—The caster will leap to a destination, dealing fire damage to surrounding units upon landing. 10 Sun Energy, 1.5 sec cast
  • [Blessing of the Sun]—The burning heat from the sun deals 4499 damage every second and increase damage done by 100%. Buffs player damage output
Solar Winds
  • [Solar Winds]—Inflict 8000 Fire damage and knocks back targets within 15 yards.


  • Stub In Progress
  • DPS should save cooldowns for Blessing of the Sun.
  • Ranged should spread out to avoid more than one being targeted by Inferno Leap at a time.
  • All players should watch for Solar Wind, whirlwind(s) roaming the room, and run away from it. If it hits a player, they take damage and are knocked back.
  • Everyone should try to interrupt Summon Sun Orb. Should one get summoned, everyone should avoid it.
  • Periodically, he casts Inferno Leap on a ranged. They will get a debuff, Burning Adrenaline Rush, which increases movement speed. They should use it to run out of leap's target location in time.
  • After about a minute, he moves to the center of the room, and casts Blessing of the Sun. Everyone should stack up, DPS should use cooldowns, and the healer should spam AOE heals.


  • Solar winds now leaves a trail of fire on the floor, recommend you drag boss to the far left of the room and tank there until Blessing of the Sun. Then afterwards drag him to the far right of the room and tank there. This ensures the fires are not filling the center of the room where you will be stood during Blessing. Boss should be dead before third blessing.


  • Defilers! Wretches! Fiends! Begone from here!
Blessing of the Sun
  • Can you feel it? The blessed warmth of the sun?
Killing a player
  • I send you to your deity.
  • I will take this life as an offering!
  • Blazing rays of light, take me!


Normal Mode
Inv jewelcrafting dragonseye02
Inv misc cape 06
Inv sword 97
Inv sword 91
Inv jewelry ring 55
Inv jewelcrafting dragonseye02
Inv belt 14
Inv gauntlets 29


How2 ~ Halls of Origination - Rajh, Construct of Radiance [WoW] by StupidOctopus on YouTube


  • Rajh's appearance, attributes and name are all based on Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun.

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