Ragerock is a orc that comes in 91003 Ragerock. He comes with the sword, Shaarde the Greater. He wears Leather chest plate and red and silver shoulders. He has brown and silver boots and gloves. In the 5 part Mega Bloks stopmotion, Ragerock's shoulders where gold instead of silver. Ragerock is also in player made lore the son of Broxigar the first Orc to go through the dark portal.. Though no one knows who his mother is, he is still most likely athe heir to the throne of orgrimmar. In WOTLK, the scourge took him and made him a death knight. When he returned to Orgrimmar he was treated poorly, but after proving himself once again the warrior returned to his place in the high ranks of orgrimmar. The best example of this lore made by the fans is the Orc Death Knight Ragerock on the realm Draenor.