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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Rada'jin is a troll druid who features in the grraphic novel Bloodsworn.

After hearing rumours of how the Cataclysm  had ravaged the land, he joined the garad'kra in order to prove that a troll could be a worthy druid - and in so doing, prove that the Darkspear trolls were worthy members of the Horde . He was assigned to Shagara's team. 

Their mission was to find and kill any centaur that they could, and they attacked one of the centaur High Khan Aratas ' encampments in the Northern Barrens . During the battle, Rada'Jin shifted to bear form and recklessly attacked, becoming lost in bloodlust and endangering the rest of the team's lives. After the battle, he suffered a severe rebuke from Shagara and she stated that if he disobeys her again, she will kill him herself. 

With information from the turncoat centaur Dorthar , they learned that Aratas is planning an invasion of Horde territory. Deciding that there is not enough time to warn Orgrimmar , they planned attack the main centaur encampment near Maraudon . Their mission was twofold -  Dorthar and Malgar would free the orc slaves, while Rada'Jin and the rest of the team would attempt to kill Aratas. The former was a success - however, the attack on Aratas did not go as planned and he defeats Shagara in combat, keeping her alive in order to use in a ritual to summon his father for use against Orgrimmar. He tells her that the Horde's armies lack heart, and without it they will all die.


Rada'Jin and the others kill many centaur, and on the verge of losing the battle Aratas realises that Malgar is their heart, and attempts to kill him with a javelin. However, Rada'Jin leaps in front of it, saving Malgar's life but fatally wounding himself in the process.

On the verge of death, he apologizes for failing the Garad'kra - but Malgar reassures him that he has proved the trolls' worth to him. With his last breath, he implores Malgar to tell the story of his death to the orcs to prove the trolls to them.

Death dialogueEdit

"I-I be sorry... I be letting de Garad'kra down..."Edit

"No! You saved a friend's life."

"I be doin' sometin'...good?"

"That was the most noble act I've ever seen. You've done your people and the Horde proud."

"De trolls...dey be worthy, ya?"


"Malgar be tellin' de orcs...tellin' the Horde...what a troll did for dem on dis day."

"For as long as I still have breath."