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Future race ideas/Intro



"The Norwegian Blue prefers kippin' on it's back! Remarkable bird, id'nit, squire? Lovely plumage!"

First seen in the Burning Crusade expansion


+ Arakkoa are highly intelligent.

+ They have their own unique language.

+ They have their own unique architectural style.

? Despite being avian, they do not possess the ability to fly. They are bipedal and otherwise completely humanoid, which provides few technical issues.

? Most arakkoa are hostile and xenophobic. They are, however, shown to be redeemable and trustworthy on an individual basis, which could presumably also go for a separate group.

? Arakkoa appear to have little inclination or preference towards either Alliance or Horde, as far as is known.

- Arakkoa appear to be strongly tied to Outland, which has already been featured in WoW's first expansion. Their lore is limited, however, and other unknown populations of them may yet exist.

Join the Alliance?

? The Skettis Exiles in Shattrath City now worship the Light in-game, which allows for class choices involving paladinism. The Light tends to be more common in the Alliance, as draenei, dwarves, and humans are all paladins. Arakkoa wouldn't have to "capture" a naaru to gain access to the Light like the blood elves. However, as stated by the upcoming 2.4 Patch Blood elves will now use the real light and no longer be capturing the Naaru.

? Probably friendly with the draenei at one time or another. The arakkoa and draenei shared the Horde as a common enemy.

Join the Horde?

? May have been friendly with the pre-Horde orcs, and seeing their redemption might persuade the arakkoa to resume friendly relations.


File:Male and female centaur.jpg

First seen in Warcraft 3


+ Maraudon quest lines indicate race may be poised to undergo a reformation.

? Centaur already have their own unique structures present in-game, although, with the exception of entrance to Maraudon, its limited to rather simplistic tents (most of it does not compare to level of architecture seen within the playable races). Few provide true crafts of their own. Their establishments tend toward crude mud-and-thatch huts, built to look more like stables than real homes.HPG 209

? A night elf legend states that some centaur (other than the five clans fathered by Zaetar) were descendants of 'The Centaur', one of three children of Cenarius (the other two being 'the Keeper of the Grove' and 'the Dryad'). A potential source for playable characters?

? Centaur tribes have extremely limited numbers. A centaur tribe is only 26–195 individuals (6-45 are non-combatants), plus ten sergeants, five lieutenants, and one khan.HPG 109 This is far less of a population than even the gnomes or darkspear have. Is that enough to be a playable race in the MMO? Some interviews would imply not.

? Considered a creature class in the rpg, a class considered naturally more powerful than regular races.

? They eat sapient races, although so did trolls.

- Hostile and xenophobic.W3Man 142

- Magram have recently started using necromancy and creating undead, but the source of their knowledge is unknown. There is no Scourge presence in the area, so it is believed to be related to the Burning Blade Clan presence in the area. It may be for the purpose of creating a "new" Scourge. This makes the Magram a potential danger to both the Alliance and Horde.LoM 31

- As they have four legs it could introduce a technical difficulties in reworking the WoW code for the new animations, abilities and clothing.

Join the Alliance?

+ "Diplomacy" line of quests in Desolace shows Alliance as interested in friendship with the centaur.

+ Brann believes Magram and Gelkis are the most open to discussions with outsiders, and he believes that it may be possible to get one or both tribes to side with the Alliance, the only problem they blame each other for their troubles.LoM 31

+ Brann believes the Gelkis are a better option for an alliance, due to fact that they don't side with the dead like the Magram.LoM 31

? Closely related to the Children of Cenarius, the elf-allied forest spirits of Ashenvale. However, the five main tribes are also related to earth elementals and were responsible for their Cenarion forefather's death.

? Draenei and the Gelkis tribe are both shamanistic.

Join the Horde?

+ Rumors speak of one or two tribes, that have given up their evil natures in hopes of joining the Horde.HPG 25

This is a reference to the diplomacy line of quests. However, a centaur tribe is only 26–195 individuals (6-45 are non-combatants), plus ten sergeants, five lieutenants, and one khan.HPG 109 This is far less of a population than even the gnomes or darkspear have. Is that enough to be a playable race in the MMO?'

+ Because Magram side with the dead, this makes the Gelkis tribe a potential ally for the Horde.LoM 31

+ The Gelkis tribe is shamanistic, but bloodthirsty, perhaps comparible to most troll species, Brann suspects it is possible that the Horde may convince them to give up their bloody sacrifices and join them, like the jungle trolls did, but he admits its pure speculation.LoM 31

+ They are one of the races of the Horde Player's Guide. Though they are an independent race and not allies to the Horde, they have qualities that are more common with the Horde.

? Traditional enemies of the tauren. Still, tauren can do quests to gain reputation with one of two tribes living in Desolace.

? The Magram could ally with the Forsaken, as Magram worship the undead (from a lore standpoint). However, the Magram may not like undead they can't control through their necromancy.

-"They are evil and sadistic creatures, and enemies of the Horde."HPG 25 An example is the Kolkar centaur who do not like the Horde, and vice-versa. Numerous Horde quests in the Barrens have you kill Kolkar centaur and their generals. Khan Dez'hepah in Desolace is also supposed to be killed by any Horde player.

-They are ancestral enemies of the tauren.HPG 25

Cenarius' Favored Children


"My father was mounted over someone's fireplace."


Dryad and dryad shrine

First seen in Warcraft 3.

Cenarius' Favored Children are: Keepers of the Grove (male), Dryad (female).


+ Connection to the Emerald Dream (which may be added in an expansion).

? Both are considered a creature classes in the rpg, a class considered naturally more powerful than regular races.

- They appear to be entirely and indivisibly integrated into night elf culture, and do not show the independent nature expected of playable expansion races; their style, architecture, culture and even elements of their appearance having become indistiguishable from that of the kaldorei (even the peculiar, tree-like "dryad shrines" have been echoed in Darnassian architecture). As an expansion race they would be expected to have their own capital and starting zones or risk being overshadowed by the previous expansion races. For the Children of Cenarius, this would seem unlikely. Although depending on who came first into the world Darnassian architecture might be based on the children's original designs rather than being purely of night elf origin.

- As they have four legs it could introduce a technical difficulties in reworking the WoW code for the new animations, abilities and clothing.

- According to lore dryads are immune to magicAPG 27. A player race that is immune to both heals and damage spells will have an extremely unfair advantage versus casters.

Join the Alliance?

+ Strong Alliance connection. Most are still part of the Alliance.APG 27-31

Join the Horde?

? Those belonging to the Cenarion Circle have proven that it is possible for Keepers to work well with the tauren. Albeit while the Cenarion Circle claims to be unaffiliated, it favors the Alliance more than the Horde, night elves and children of Cenarius make up most of its members.LoM 18

- Would never side against their night elf brethren, especially since the orcs were responsible for Cenarius' death.



First seen in World of Warcraft


See also Drakonids ideas.

+ All Dragonflights (barring Black) have a strong enmity towards Deathwing and the Black Dragonflight and may be eager to aid the mortal races should Deathwing once again pose a threat.

+ Some dragons bred with gryphons (often used by the Alliance) to produce the wyverns (often used by the Horde)W3Man #?. Such links to the major factions could prove fruitful.

? They are a "Dragonkin"-type creature in game, not Humanoid. However, this can be changed in the same way as Forsaken are not Undead.

? There could be a possible starting area for drakonids of the Red Dragonflight in the unused space east of Grim Batol in the Wetlands, which is already surrounded by red dragons (red dragonflight is new faction in wotlk, so this is unlikely).

? Females of this race do not currently exist in-game. (Though dragons do not show much sexual dimorphism, drakonids appear to have exclusively masculine qualities.)

- Do not currently possess their own style of architecture/buildings.

- Rather huge size.

- Drakonids are loyal to Aspects, or they are hostile.

Join the Alliance?

? Early Warcraft lore states that Alexstrasza gave an oath of non-aggression to the dwarves, humans and elves of the Alliance as long as she was in power over the Red Dragonflight, and she has a deep hatred for orcs. This suggests a reason for the Red Dragonflight to join the Alliance.

While red dragons distrust the Horde and their gratitude towards the Alliance has existed into recent timesMG 47, they will apparently be neutral and aid both factions in Wrath of the Lich King.

Join the Horde?

? In the Sunwell trilogy, Krasus and several blue dragons helped the blood elves.

However, in Wrath of the Lich King the Blue Aspect, Malygos, will declare war on all mortal magic users on Azeroth. How could this influence previous contact?

? The Horde has previously had strong connections with dragons, but these have been through dark deals or use of force. It is unlikely that any of Alexstrasza's red dragon brood (with the exception of Korialstrasz, who was a good friend of Broxigar) will ever forgive the orcs for their enslavement in the Second Great War. However, members of the other broods have no grudges against the Horde.



"I think a certain finesse is called for here. RAAAARGH!"

First seen in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne


+ All Dragonflights (barring Black) have a strong enmity towards Deathwing and the Black Dragonflight and may be eager to aid the mortal races should Deathwing once again pose a threat.

+ Some dragons bred with gryphons (often used by the Alliance) to produce the wyverns (often used by the Horde)W3Man #?. Such links to the major factions could prove fruitful.

? The various dragonflights in World of Warcraft tend to either be entirely hostile, or neutral with both factions, offering the same quests to both.

? They are a "Dragonkin"-type creature in game, not Humanoid. However, this can be changed in the same way as Forsaken are not Undead.

? There could be a possible starting area for drakonids of the Red Dragonflight in the unused space east of Grim Batol in the Wetlands, which is already surrounded by red dragons.

-Dragonspawn are loyal to their specific dragonflights, and to no one else. They side with no other factions.DF 6

- Dragonspawn society is limited in scope and is currently known to comprise of the flametongue, scalebane, and wyrmkin classesMoM 39. These are individual castes, even distinctive species; and are little more than military units and segregations.MoM 39, 40 Culturally, all are warriors - with surprisingly few having developed magical abilities - and depending on caste they have only a few mages and rogues. This limits class variety lorewise.

Blue dragonspawn apparently have more class variety than the other flight's dragonspawn due to their flight's increased knowledge, including warriors, rogues, hunters, and magesLoM 116. However, the Blue Dragonflight will declare war on all mortal magic users in Wrath of the Lich King, thus making them an unlikely choice.

- Do not currently possess their own style of architecture/buildings.

- As they have four legs it could introduce a technical difficulties in reworking the WoW code for the new animations, abilities and clothing.

Join the Alliance?

? It is believed that they may have evolved from humans.

? Early Warcraft lore states that Alexstrasza gave an oath of non-aggression to the dwarves, humans and elves of the Alliance as long as she was in power over the Red Dragonflight, and she has a deep hatred for orcs. This suggests a reason for the Red Dragonflight to join the Alliance.

While red dragons distrust the Horde and their gratitude towards the Alliance has existed into recent timesMG 47, they will apparently be neutral and aid both factions in Wrath of the Lich King.

Join the Horde?

? In the Sunwell trilogy, Krasus and several blue dragons helped the blood elves.

However, in Wrath of the Lich King the Blue Aspect, Malygos, will declare war on all mortal magic users on Azeroth. How could this influence previous contact?

? The Horde has previously had strong connections with dragons, but these have been through dark deals or use of force. It is unlikely that any of Alexstrasza's red dragon brood (with the exception of Korialstrasz, who was a good friend of Broxigar) will ever forgive the orcs for their enslavement in the Second Great War. However, members of the other broods have no grudges against the Horde.

-The Horde enslaved the red dragonflight, and thus most red dragons harbor an animosity toward orcs to this day.DF 147


Dealer Digriz

(Bandaged)"Damn moths."


(Unbound) "You know what burns my ass? A flame about this high."

First seen in Burning Crusade expansion.


+ Like goblins, ethereals have a fragmented society already shown to comprise several factions, some of these neutral or friendly to players and some outright hostile. Any playable ethereals could easily be a new faction, or a new form of the current friendly faction.

+ Ethereals already have their own unique architecture present in-game.

+ Ethereals have an outstanding conflict with the forces of the Void, which have links the Burning Legion. This conflict might give them reason to seek aid from the Alliance or Horde in a future war.

+ Already classed as Humanoids in game.

+ Already shown to wear most armor types over a base layer of mummy-like bandages. Including, head, shoulders, wrists, gloves, chest, legs and feet equipment[1].

They maintain a humanoid shape only when wearing mummy-like cloth bandages, and are affected by spells that affect other humanoids. Also, the cloth acts as base layer of "underwear" upon which armor is placed. Though some players would prefer not to appear constantly concealed beneath bandages, fortunately the true appearance of ethereals would not have to be entirely concealed due to some clever alpha texturing when it comes to the problem of equipping armor.

? Some people may dislike the idea of "intergalactic mummies", having seen the reaction to the alien draenei.

? Ethereals seem to be tied to the current events in Outland, which would have made the current expansion a good fit for them. Clearly, they were not chosen. Nevertheless, their nomadic nature and ability to travel between worlds using the Nether means they could always show up in a future expansion.

Ethereals have even appeared in Karazhan, for instance.

? Their best bet for acquiring a city and starting zones in Azeroth would be a plot device like the draenei crash landing. Clearly, this idea has already been used, though alternatives may be found (a portal?).

? Females of this race do not currently exist in-game.

- Ethereals are largely indifferent towards the conflicts of mortals, and favor no race or faction above another. They currently have no incentive to join the Alliance or the Horde.

- Supposedly possess the ability to change shape or become unconfined masses of pure energy. This would seem to give them an unfair advantage over other races.

- An ethereal's true form is not likely to be playable as it is elemental rather than humanoid. In their true forms they are an insubstantial beings of pure energy, so lack distinguishing features and cannot wear armor (technical difficulty).

- They are liars and scoundrels who will stop at nothing to pursue their mysterious aims. The ethereals have no care at all for the Burning Crusade. They would even play both sides of the conflict against each other if doing so would serve to further their own goals.WoWtBCOSG 319

- Ethereals have multi-dimensional abilities. They move oddly through the air as if only part there, sometimes having the ability to blink, resist damage, or call strange weapons to their aid to help them in combat.WoWtBCOSG 319

Join the Alliance?

? A powerful "technological" race like the draenei or gnomes, which might suggest an affinity. At the same time, however, this similarity might make their coexistence within the same faction seem repetitive and unnecessary. Many draenei would also take issue with the ethereals' amoral attitude regarding the exploitation of draenei and naaru holy sites in Nagrand and Netherstorm.

Join the Horde?

? Ethereals in Netherstorm hold a tenuous friendship with the blood elves in that area. Of course, those blood elves are mostly minions of Kael'thas and do not really represent the Horde.


Stillpine the Younger

"Any gummy humans?"

First seen in Warcraft 3


See also Furbolg argument.

+ Furbolgs are highly intelligent.

+ They have their own unique language.

+ They have their own unique architectural style.

+ "Ursa totemics are perhaps more likely than other furbolgs to move beyond their forests' borders and take on a life of adventure... Others make friends with night elf adventurers (or adventurers of other races) and find a common cause."APG 65

+ The Barkskin tribe of furbolgs commanded by the night elves under Malfurion Stormrage aided the Alliance and the Horde in the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

+ The furbolgs are an ancient race that existed before the Titans even set foot on Azeroth LoM 85 (raising some questions as to their origin). This may work in their favor. As there are also furbolgs in Northrend, they could fit into a number of different expansions.

? Furbolgs have long been friends of the night elves and regard the tauren with esteem. They are wary of all other races.APG 10

? The Barkskin furbolgs are closely tied to Mount Hyjal, which currently is an unused zone. This could be a good starting place for the furbolgs. Thanks to the separation of expansion areas from original content, there are few size constraints so dividing the mountain into two ample zones would certainly not be difficult.

? The Alliance and Horde have attempted to get the furbolgs interested in being diplomatic messengers between them, but this rarely happens. Furbolgs are expanding their horizons, but they are less interested in Alliance/Horde relations than in their own problems.APG 149

? "After the war, emissaries from both the Alliance and the Horde (advised by the night elves and the tauren, I expect) approached the furbolgs and invited them into the affiliations, but they declined both. Perhaps it was their reluctance to choose between their friends, the night elves and the tauren. They do seem to be closer to the night elves, but I don’t think they want to claim themselves the enemies of the tauren simply by association." --Brann Bronzebeard APG 147

Though refusing to join the Alliance or Horde at the present time, future events may lead them to join; or a separate tribe (the Barkskin, for example) may choose to accept the tauren night elves' invitation.

Join the Alliance?

+ A small band of cave-dwelling furbolgs in the Barrow Deeps pledged their allegiance to Tyrande Whisperwind after she saved their shaman from corruption.

See this reference. This group's fate - unlike the tribe she had previously saved from destruction in Ashenvale but fell to corruption in Felwood anyway - is unknown.

+ The Barkskin tribe, a tribe living on Mount Hyjal, joined the night elves to help defeat Archimonde in his final attack on the World Tree.

+ The Stillpine Tribe has formed an alliance with the draenei.

+ Furbolgs are historically a peaceful people, close to nature and friends of the night elves. Furbolgs have long been friends of the night elves. They visit the night elves in Ashenvale frequently, seeking guidance, camaraderie, and information.APG 10, 148, 149.

+ Furbolgs are one of the main races in the Alliance Player's Guide. They have strong connections to the Alliance although they are not yet members.

Join the Horde?

+ Furbolgs regard the tauren with esteem.APG 10



Beware of the HOGGER!

First seen in Warcraft 3


+ Sayge, a Gnoll working for the Darkmoon Faire, shows some spirituality and even amiability to player characters, like Miblon Snarltooth.

? Gnolls have been seen employed by various organizations, with pirates such as the Bloodsail Buccaneers, and evil corporations such as the Venture Co.

? Undead gnolls (an example of which is the Rothide tribe) could have broken their bonds with the Scourge and have Forsaken-type lore. However, this would only really make them an extension of the Forsaken race...

? Females of this race do not currently exist in-game.

? Do not currently possess their own style of architecture/buildings, though they did in Warcraft III.

- Little evidence of civilization.

- Mostly known as ruthless, cutthroat mercenaries.

- Many Alliance and Horde quests involve killing gnolls.

Join the Alliance?

- The Defias Brotherhood are currently at war with the Alliance. They have employed the Riverpaw gnoll tribe to fight for them.

Join the Horde?

+ "More often than not...they join the Horde".MG 82

- The tauren have a history of conflict with the gnolls, as the Palemane tribe disrespected all attempts of tauren communication in Mulgore (Quest:Sharing the Land), and they declare war or the Woodpaw, as they are a threat to Camp Mojache (Quest:War on the Woodpaw).


Fima Five-Fingers

"That guy's nuts! Grab 'em!"

First seen in Warcraft 2


+ Already have graphical support for utilizing equipment, armor and weapons, and recently added support for helmets.

+ Goblins are highly intelligent.

+ They have their own unique language.

+ They have their own unique architectural style.

+ Like ethereals, goblins have a fragmented society already shown to comprise several factions, some of these neutral to players and some outright hostile. Any playable goblins could easily be a new faction, and remain neutral to the cities of the Steamwheedle Cartel.

+ Graphics for goblin females already exist in-game.

? Steamwheedle cartel Goblins, like the ethereals of the Twisting Nether, are totally indifferent towards the conflicts of other mortals, and do not wish to ever see an end to the Alliance/Horde feud, as that would bring an end to their profitable war-time sales. For this reason, the Steamwheedle Cartel goblins favor neither side (Besides giving Horde exclusive privileges to zeppelins) and no race. There are many goblins who are not neutral found in the service of the Horde among many other factions.

- Goblins have a similar culture and likely similar class choices to gnomes. They also share gnomes' eccentric personalities and penchant for technology, inventions and explosives. For these reasons, goblins could be seen as too similar to this existing playable race to ever be playable themselves (especially as part of the Alliance).

- The majority of the race went neutral before the Third War, acting as mercenaries to both Horde and Alliance, they continue to be Independent and neutral in World of Warcraft, having neutral cities in various lands of both Azeroth and Outland. They are independent in the RPG and TCG as well. Due to the majority of the race having iconic independent and neutral status, working between both factions, they are not likely to become playable any time soon.

However, they could still introduce a subrace or new faction of goblins. However as confirmed it was a small faction that joined the Horde previously. That small faction realized its "mistake". Both the faction and the race as a whole have decided they will not repeat that "mistake".DF 115

Join the Alliance?

? Although many in the Alliance consider goblins to be mercenaries and war profiteers, they are not above using them. If they have no tinkers, or their tinkers have died in previous battles, they sometimes have to go to goblins for repairs or supplies. And the goblins are always ready to help a customer, for the right price.APG 181?

While it does give a reason why goblins might "side" with the Alliance. Its not the strongest of reasons. A whole faction made out of mercenaries and war profiteers? Doesn't seem realistic. Maybe a squad or two, but probably not enough to be a player race?

? Some goblins have joined SI:7 in Stormwind.

? Intense rivalry with the gnomes, though they have been seen working together on occasions.

? The goblin mindset fits well with the Alliance, which is known over the Horde for its greed and wealth.[citation needed]

Join the Horde?

+ Would make a good engineering/technological race for the Horde who seem to be lacking in such specialists.

- They have a deep history with the Horde going back to as early as the First War, and were in greater numbers during the Second. They were one of the Horde races in Warcraft II, building many of the technological devices for the Horde. But as confirmed in Dark Factions it was not the whole race. A single trade prince was met by an ambassador of the horde during the second war to make the goblins an exclusive partner during the war to supply machines and technology to the Horde. The trade prince agreed thinking it was a good idea. Others members of the race chose to remain neutral. Only the single trade prince and his subordinates joined the Horde. In the end the trade prince realized his mistake and left the horde. The goblins remember the mistake and remain neutral to this day. The goblin race as a whole is, in fact, neutral.DS 115

The goblins saw joining the Horde as a mistake. It obvious they didn't leave the Horde under the best circumstances.

?In the Horde player's guide it says; Goblins fought with the Horde in the Second War, but broke off when they realized that it's more profitable to work both sides. However, many goblins remember the fun of the Horde and are willing to lower mercenary prices to Thrall and his people. Goblins offer almost exclusive transport services for the Horde, whether in their steamboats or zeppelins. It is more likely that a team of goblin sappers, who take great pleasure in the chaos the Horde creates, will be found meshed into Horde forces, rather than those of the Alliance.HPG 190 Perhaps with enough persuasion, the goblins could be convinced to rejoin the Horde for the first time since the Second War (although that could be just as harmful as helpful, knowing the goblins)."HPG 188, 190

It would seem with the trade prince realizing his mistake and the fact that only his subordinates supported the war previously that this number would be low indeed (in comparision to the whole race). Would these few be good enough for a player race? Would the trade prince allow his subordinates to leave and betray him? Additionally dark factions mentions that the Goblins went onto offering many of the same kinds of services to the Alliance, and other factions as well, and they didn't care who it was as long as they were payed. Neutrality has its perks.DF 115, 179

? Metzen listed them as a Horde race in this art piece.</font> Although, later sources have retconned or explained that it is no longer the case, especially Dark Factions. I.E. one faction might have been a Horde race, but no longer isDF 115.

? Many goblins can still be seen in Orgrimmar, Ashenvale and Camp Mojache. Goblins helped build Orgrimmar and many never left. Although lore-wise they are currently considered Independent, and not actually members of the Horde, a few may still favor the Horde. But as a whole the race is, in fact, neutral.WoWRPG 167, 372, 373DS 115

? Gazlowe was an ally of Thrall or at least was hired by Thrall to build Orgrimmar in Frozen Throne. He gave a quest to Rexxar.

? Goblins do not exactly have a good rapport with tauren, especially the Venture Company goblins. Goblins also fought against Quel'thalas in the Second War, though as their new orcish allies did too it would seem ridiculous and petty if the blood elves still held a grudge.



"The same thing we do every night, Pinky - Try to take over the world!"

First seen in Warcraft 3

+ Whilst kobolds are perceived to be unintelligent, some kobolds possess greater than average intelligence.[citation needed]

? With little to no lore, there could be a creative way to add kobolds into either side.

? Rare are the exceptional kobolds that leave their tunnels behind, striking out on a life of adventure. Most of these have a wanderlust they cannot otherwise sate; others feel the pull of riches more keenly than their brethren, and realize that adventure may be the best way to get what they need.MG 95

? Females of this race do not currently exist in-game.

- Cowardly and pathetic by nature, and considered by most adventurers to be more of a nuisance than a threat.

Join the Alliance?

+Friendly kobolds are possibly raised by night elves or some other race. Though ruled by fear, heroic kobolds emerge from time to time.MoM 58

- Kobolds have conflicts with the humans of Stormwind. They've infested the Fargodeep and Jasperlode mines in Elwynn Forest, and some kobolds are with the Defias Brotherhood as evidenced in quests.

Join the Horde?

+ Kobolds have a number of allies within races in league with the Horde.[citation needed]

- The tauren would be particularly tetchy about letting such verminous burrowers into their fold. Kobolds take a liking to mining, which the tauren find unacceptable as shown by their reaction to dwarven mining at Bael Modan in the Barrens.



Gigantic, muscular and spikey. And that's only the females.

First seen in Warcraft 3


+ Felguard have been seen to be both intelligent(well, they are not at least idiots) and tactically sound, and often a good deal more sane than some other demonic types.

? Possible Forsaken-type lore - as the downtrodden cannon fodder of the Burning Legion, what if a few felguards or other mo'arg variants threw in their lot with the mortals? This is not unlikely as some demons are already leaving the Legion to join Illidan, mo'arg among them.

? Alternatively, mo'arg could be revealed to have a history similar to that of the draenei - namely, that they were once a non-demonic race and only a large portion of them joined the Legion. The draenei, after all, are little more than non-demonic eredar; perhaps there are non-demonic mo'arg out there somewhere.

? Females of this race do not currently exist in-game.

? They are a mostly "Demon"-type creature in game, not Humanoid (with Taragaman the Hungerer being the only exception). However, this can be changed in the same way as Forsaken are not Undead.

? Do not currently possess their own style of architecture/buildings. Then again, neither do any other demons - nor should they - being only troops within a military force of other-worldly species.

- Felguard are currently functioning as a Warlock pet. This may not neccessarily be a barrier to becoming a new race, however.

- They are demons, and thus almost every mortal on Azeroth hates them. Also, unlike the Forsaken, it would appear that they joined the Legion of their own free will.

Join the Alliance?

- The draenei would be particularly tetchy about a group of demons joining the Alliance, 'friendly' or otherwise. Note that they are still hostile to the orcs. The night elves would share a similar view, as they have suffered immensely in the past at the hands of demons.

Join the Horde?

? As a race that has had a similar experience in the past, the orcs may consider accepting repentant or uncorrupted mo'arg (if they exist) into the Horde. In any case, the blood elves and the Forsaken would not be as heavily opposed to this as many other mortal races would be.

Though demons were behind The scourge and Kael has allied with demons so their attitude can be questionable




First seen in Warcraft 3


+ Murlocs are sapient.[2]

The murlocs who worshipped the Sea Witch in the orc demo campaign in the Frozen Throne were quite clearly intelligent and even had dialogue.

+ They speak nerglish.

? Are in great need of help, since the mur'guls are running rampant through their habitat. They might just share some of their ancient secrets in exchange for help.

? Trade seems to be important for murlocs. Several people of the Alliance and the Horde have learned to trade with them; using shells as a form of currency.

? Murlocs can breathe underwater indefinitely.MG 138 Underwater breathing could give murlocs an unfair advantage over other races unless Blizzard gave a water breathing race to both factions; though the undead do have an extended underwater breathing ability.

- Females of this race may already exist in game, but it would be difficult to tell as females don't look much different than the males (only the length and shape of the head-fin and back-fin indicates gender).LoM 135).

-Murlocs are Independent. Murlocs hate all other races, though they occasionally work with powerful aquatic races (like naga) out of fear or misguided religious fervor. Each murloc tribe has its own agenda, though scholars don’t agree on whether these agendas are ever more than just existing and killing anyone who comes close. Every once in a while, a murloc leaves the tribe to embark upon adventure, but a murloc joining the Alliance or Horde is unheard of.DF 11 They hate living above the waves and hate dealing with land people.LoM 136 They are unerringly hostile to all sapient beings they encounter.

- Though murlocs can breathe air, they cannot remain out of water for long. Their skin is scaled like a fish and requires moisture to stay supple. Without daily immersion it dries and cracks, causing intense pain. This is why their villages are built along the shore — every murloc spends part of the day underwater, as much for survival as for enjoyment. Murlocs must immerse themselves in water for at least an hour per day. A murloc who spends a day without immersing herself in water becomes dehydrated.LoM 133, 138 Murlocs dry out if they remain out of water for extended periods of time, they can die if out of water for a week. They must be periodically doused with at least a gallon of water every few hours to prevent damage, or submerge and rest to heal damage received from drying out. The race is not known for stealth, infiltration, or traveling far from shore. The difficulty with dry land requires some effort to circumvent, particularly if the murloc must travel a large distance through desert or dry plains.MoM 63

-Murlocs don’t wear much. They do wear armlets and bracers and necklaces and belts, all ornamented with shells and teeth and bits of stone or metal.LoM 134 A murloc’s webbed hands and feet make it impossible for them to wear rings, gloves or bootsMoM 64 Only a few with rank, wear cloths draped across a shoulder or wrapped around their neck (below the gills). Headdresses are common — they have no hair to get in the way and often arrange spines and spikes and shells and rocks about their heads, held in place by seaweed or twine or leather straps or even metal wire. The few who trade with people sometimes wear loincloths and shawls as a concession to human modesty.LoM 134

-Murlocs live in tribes, each tribe to its own village of usually six to twelve individuals.LoM 135MoM 63 While there are exceptions and some tribes do live in more than one villageLoM 140, a single tribe would hardly be enough for a playable race.

- Metzen says "not soon" [1]

Join the Alliance?

-Murlocs in the Alliance are unheard of.DF 11

? The White Shark tribe have more frequent dealings with surface-dwellers than many other murloc clans. They have trade with the Alliance town of Valgarde, and as such appear to be one of the few tribes that deals with the races of the land. They may only tolerate Valgarde's presence.LoM 137 Strangers rarely visit their village of K's'litain (or any murloc village) but those who show strength and wisdom are sometimes tolerated. Those who seem weak or foolish are attacked and killed.LoM 140

A single tribe/village usually has only has 6-12 individuals. The White Shark tribe is exceptional in that it has 130 members (or is hosting more than one tribe, a clan).LoM 137, 140 However, this is hardly enough to be a playable race. They also seem to be a bit too hostile to other races to be playable, despite allowing trade occasionally.

Join the Horde?

-Murlocs in the Horde are unheard of.DF 11

- In recent times, the murlocs became unwittingly responsible for the shaping of the present-day Horde. Murloc attacks caused the Darkspear trolls and the Horde to unite and drive them off, and formed the core of the modern-day Horde; which tauren, Forsaken, and blood elves would later join.[citation needed]


Naga female and male

They're very much into watersports, you know...

First seen in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne


+ Naga are highly intelligent.

+ They have their own unique language.

+ They have their own unique architectural style.

+ Naga already have graphical support for utilizing equipment, most upper and lower body armor (although this doesn't appear to be implemented very well) and weapons (minus helmets).

? In a concept art of Booty Bay, numerous buildings were marked with the word "Naga Entrances".AoWoW 157

? Possible Forsaken-type lore. The invention of a new naga tribe against Aszhara and the Old Gods is always possible, as Blizzard has made lore adjustments in the past, and we've seen what Metzen can do.

? Being able to breathe underwater for long periods of time would not necessarily be an unfair advantage, especially as the Forsaken already have a similar ability.

? Possible starting area in the unoccupied coastal area of Gilneas, leading into Silverpine Forest once players reach maturity.

- Previously associated with the Old Gods[citation needed] and some with Illidan, notorious enemies of both the Alliance and Horde.

-Naga are dark creatures, evil and cunning. A naga might join forces with a being of another race in order to serve her own ends, however, much as Lady Vashj did with Illidan and his forces. Naga are selfish creatures, though, and think only of their own (and their race’s) dominance. Their minds have little room for charity or kindness. A naga that renounced his or her evil ways would be a unique individual indeed.MG 106.

-Naga serve their own purposes and are united in their efforts to return their race to glory. All others — Alliance, Horde, Scourge, Legion and all the rest — are either tools to further this goal or obstacles that must be destroyed.DF 13

- Neither the Alliance nor the Horde will welcome them. Neither the Alliance nor the Horde is willing to grant the naga shelter or succor — not that the accursed aquatic elves would seek such boons.A&HC 54

- So far all playable races have been bipedal, as naga have no legs, rather a snake-like limb, it could introduce a technical difficulties in reworking the WoW code for the new animations, abilities and clothing.

Join the Alliance?

+ They would sooner accept the night elves as masters than join the Horde.A&HC 73

? The naga were all night elves before their transformation at the Sundering.

- The Alliance elicits nothing but rage in the minds of the naga. Their former brethren, the night elves, still thrive on the continent, and have not forgotten their grudges with the naga. Their blatant hatred of the night elves is only rivaled by the night elves’ feelings for them. Tyrande Whisperwind is highly respected within the Alliance, her hatred and distrust of the naga has spread to the other races.A&HC 73

- Blood elves and naga, both cursed descendents of the night elves and both users of arcane magic, are not welcome in Alliance lands.A&HC 66

- Though the Alliance's opinion of the naga was originally entirely shaped by night elf sentiments (hatred mainly, due to the nagas' betrayal of the Kaldorei in the War of the Ancients), aggressive naga behaviour towards the Alliance and subsequent retaliation (as shown in the quest Stormwind Ho!) has certainly solidified a negative opinion within the Alliance.

It is also interesting to note that Brann Bronzebeard has considered the formation of an alliance with the makrura against the naga.APG 73

Join the Horde?

? The naga mindset and background is similar to the blood elves and Forsaken undead. They also share the same views on the arcane as their fellow Highborne exiles, the blood elves. Blood elves get along well with the naga — with whom they share Highborne ancestry.A&HC 15 However, the only naga that have joined with blood elves are those that traveled to Outland.DF 119 [2]

? They have changed much physically, like the Forsaken, and are also viewed as evil by their former brethren.

? Kael's blood elves are currently allied to Vashj's naga. It would therefore not be too difficult to imagine the blood elves of Azeroth taking a similar course of action, though it may require an amount of retconning or new lore to fit, due the contrasting beliefs of the two blood elven factions.

- The races of the Horde are met with derisiveness from the naga; they would have no part of the Horde even if invited to join. They find the spiritual natures of these races worthy of disrespect. The naga consider the Horde to be nothing more than barbaric, weak-minded fools. They would sooner accept the night elves as masters than join the Horde.A&HC 73

Though this doesn't mean a possible rebel tribe couldn't possess a different opinion on the Horde.



"Don't worry about the fine print. The soul consumption clause is never exercised."

First seen in Warcraft 3


? Possible Forsaken-type lore. Some nathrezim have decided to make their own way after the fall of Archimonde and Tichondrius, loosening their binds to the Legion and now have their own agenda, as we can see from Balnazzar and the Scarlet Crusade; his brother Varimathras and his Forsaken allegiance and the presence of numerous nathrezim in Illidan's forces. An agenda that may be shared between Varimathras and Balnazzar.HPG 153, 154, 180

? Dreadlords, masters of trickery, deceit, and guile, take pride in the fiendish destruction they have wrought on Azeroth.MG 50 Dreadlords prefer to turn their talents to psychic assault and manipulation, seeking to dissolve the bonds that unify individuals, groups, and nations and leave their mortal victims floundering amidst chaos and decay.MoM 117 Known to be powerful infiltrators and manipulators, meaning that joining the Alliance or Horde will certainly not be out of their grasp if they desire it to be so.

? They are a "Demon"-type creature in game, and in loreMG 50, not Humanoid. However, this can be changed in the same way as Forsaken are not Undead.

? Nathrezim appear to be very tall and large in the sources they appear in. A dreadlord is a massive demon; a night elf is considered comparatively small next to one.APG 135, 172, 174

? Could uncorrupted Nathrezim exist? According to the RPG, no, they are "always evil" (see below).

? Females of this race (NOT succubi!) do not currently exist in-game.

? Do not currently possess their own style of architecture/buildings. Then again, neither do any other demons - nor should they - being only troops within a military force of other-worldly species.

? The nathrezim are forbidden from killing another of their race, though this only proved a minor obstacle to the rebel nathrezim Varimathras when he attempted to kill his brother. However, it is believed he only tricked Sylvanas into believing he may have killed his brother for his own ends, and is currently manipulating the Forsaken.HPG 153, 154, 180 ...evil never truly dies...MG 50

As a point of interest, the Forsaken cannot get the quest "Compendium of the Fallen", whereas the other Horde races can. Thus quests involving the killing of nathrezim do not neccessarily present an obstacle, though there may be complications if playable nathrezim were unable to kill major instance bosses such as Balnazzar.

-Nathrezim appear or described to be very tall and massive in the sources they appear in. A massive demon, a night elf is considered comparitively small next to one.APG 135, 172, 174

- They are good flyers.MoM 117MG 117 The creature is very agile in the air (like a housefly or a hummingbird), but cannot change direction as readily as those with perfect maneuverability.MG 193 In fact, they are better at flying than harpies.MoM 55MG 87

Nathrezim have not been shown to fly very high in-game, only occasionally levitating above the ground. However, it has occasionally happened in lore, for example with Ganthrifal. Like harpies, it is unlikely Blizzard would implement a race that can fly or appear as it should be able to fly under their own power as a playable race.

- Nathrezim and pit lord are lords of the Burning Legion.MG 38 Dreadlords do not work in the same area as other dreadlords, instead they are solitary. They lead Burning Legion forces or manipulate others alone.MG 50 Nathrezim prefer a leadership role, standing behind other allies and retreating when their enemies press too close. This is particularly true of the weaker nathrezim.MoM 117 Dreadlords invariably stay behind the scenes and effect change through proxies. Adventurers might go their whole lives and never realize a dreadlord has acted against them in countless, seemingly unrelated ways. Only after much exertion and investigation do the heroes uncover the dreadlord behind a plot. Even then, the task of tracking and slaying a dreadlord can overwhelm the most competent hunter of evil.MG 50

- Nathrezim are always evil.MG 50 All members of the race are evil. Exceptions, if they exist, comprise less than 1% of the race's population and apply to isolated individuals.HPG 8 For the nathrazim malice is the ultimate gift. To torment another creature with physical and moral agony offers something superior to happiness or contentment.MoM 117 They are demonic soul vampires, and are thus hated by most mortal races on Azeroth.

Join the Alliance?

- The Alliance has many paladins in its ranks, mortal enemies of undeads and demons, so nathrezims would not maybe care to join the Alliance

? Known to be present in human lands, and have often chosen to appear as humans when disguised.

? The draenei and night elves have a particular enmity with nathrezim and would protest should they join the Alliance, as the majority of their current problems stem from the actions of the Burning Legion. Nevertheless, every mortal has a price; and as Lady Onyxia has shown, infiltrating the Royal Court of Stormwind was only too easy...

However appearing as an already seen alliance race, such as humans, would not be visually original.

Join the Horde?

- Dreadlords have had skisma with the Horde, the Forsakens killed Detheroc, defeated Balnazzar, refused cooperation and Sylvanas turned Varimathras to her own allegiance.

? A nathrezim, Varimathras, already has a well established position in the Horde as second-in-command of the Forsaken undead. However he may be secretly working with Balnazzar, and/or Kel'thuzad for his own purposes and to undermine the Forsaken.HPG 153, 154, 180

? The orcs do not have a particularly good rapport with the nathrezim, as they failed the Burning Legion twice in the past. Then again, any nathrezim joining the Horde would likely not be part of the Legion and so would care little about the orcs' shortcomings. In any case, as a a matter of pride, the orcs were never part of nathrezim operations - the Pit Lords being the unsuccessful puppet masters on both occasions.



"What a tangled web we weave."

First seen in Warcraft 3


+ Nerubians are highly intelligent.

+ They have their own unique language.

+ They had their own unique architectural style (the Scourge and Forsaken stole the designsLoM 143).

Is it unique architectural style in-game if the Forsaken already use some of the nerubian style in Undercity?

+ Fanatic hatred of the Scourge.

- The tuskarr war with the nerubians. As the tuskarr are neutral to both the Horde and Alliance, this could cause problems should nerubians decide to join either group.

? Biologically connected to the Silithid, which are hostile to all races. Nerubians are hostile to all races as wellDF 44 (see below).

? Considered a creature class in the rpg, a race considered naturally more powerful than regular races.

? At BlizzCon they were said to worship the Old Gods.

Could reclaiming their city and defeating the Scourge be more important to them?

? Do not currently exist in World of Warcraft (crypt fiends are undead nerubians).

-Nerubians are cruel and xenophobic.LoM 146

-Nerubians are humongous. The average worker averages 10 feet in height fully standing, with a spider body roughly 8 feet in diameter. Warriors are larger, ranging between 10 feet and 12 feet tall, and 10 feet in diameter. Seers are larger still, reaching almost 15 feet in height and 13 feet in diameter.LoM 142

-Nerubians are a depleted and embittered people. Most live in Northrend and shun all contact with outsiders — indeed, they attack intruders on sight, viewing all creatures not of their kind with suspicion.DF 44

-Nerubians tend toward evil; they have always been ruthless and aggressive, and since the fall of the Spider Kingdom these traits are more pronounced.DF 44

-Unlikely to appear even as a non-playable race in any expansion after Wrath of the Lich King.

- As they have six legs it could introduce a technical difficulties in reworking the WoW code for the new animations, abilities and clothing. However, the nerubian viziers are bipedal (with six appendages). The six appendages could cause a technical difficulty.

Join the Alliance?

? Brann Bronzebeard bought a document written by Hazu'Asnab in Gadgetzan along with some artifacts taken from the scourge. If scourge artifacts were presented along with the document, he was allowed neutrality with any nerubian city for a few days. He was able to use it to "befriend" nerubians of the Sundered Monolith. He believes that the Alliance and nerubians could unite against their mutual enemy: the Scourge. This would only be possible through the use of papers like Brann's document.LoM 141,142.

? Even though they had the opportunity to cooperate with Baelgun's dwarves and possibly defeat the weakened King Arthas (and thus the Scourge) when he entered the nerubian Old Kingdom, instead the nerubians decided to take on all the trespassers into their territory, earning the enmity of the dwarven expedition as well as contributing to Arthas' success. Granted Baelgun's dwarves do not have any document that would allow the Nerubians to trust them, as Brann does.

Join the Horde?

? Would fit in well with the Forsaken.

? It is unlikely that nerubians would get along with the Forsaken due to their undead nature. However, they both share a fanatical hatred of the Scourge as they were both heavily affected by the Lich King's machinations.



"Me not as THINK as you DUMB I am!"

First seen in Warcraft 1


See also Ogre ideas.

+ Ogres are occasionally extremely intelligent (the Ogre Magi or the Ogri'la for example).

+ They have their own architectural style.

+ Ogres can be found almost anywhere on Azeroth and Outland, and can survive in many habitats other races would never even consider. They could easily fit into almost any expansion.

+ The King of the Ogres quest in Outland and Brewfest Gordok ogres, proves that both Alliance & Horde can work well with Ogres.

? Considered a creature class in the rpg, a race considered naturally more powerful than regular races.

? Two headed ogres would be a unique change of pace.

? Females of this race do not currently exist in-game.

? Drokthul, Dec 2005: "This is not Everquest, this is World of Warcraft. Ogres are not a playable race so they have no need of fitting through doorways."

- Both factions have slain vast number of ogres, and many quest still include killing them.

Join the Alliance?

? Many draenei, humans, night elves and ogres have all suffered by the hands of orcs in the past, which could potentially unite them against the Horde. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that the reformation of the Horde into an honorable force of "good" may have set the orcs on the road to forgiveness from these races.

? Historic feud with the Alliance. However, this is interchangeable, as blood elves had a historic feud with the Horde prior to joining them.

? The Laughing Skull Clan, an ogre-led clan, managed to betray the Horde and join the Alliance at one point in Warcraft II. However Mogor the Ogre, their leader, although still alive in Outland, has become hostile to everyone.

- After the Second War, numerous ogres were enslaved by the Alliance and forced to fight one another in gladiatorial arenas.

However, this seems to differ little from their treatment by the orcs of the early Horde.

- The Alliance views all ogres as savages and enemies.HPG 28

Though like blood elves were allowed into the Horde, it might be possible for the Alliance to allow ogres into the Alliance. Though from a lore stand point not even blood elves are truly liked by most of the Horde even if they are now technically members.

Join the Horde?

+ Stonemaul Ogres are already members of the Horde, and contributed greatly to the Horde Navy's current revival, as the builders of Juggernaughts.HPG 190

They have a population of approximately 480 ogres.LoM 37 Is this enough for a playable race?

+ People like Lizzarik and Jorb supply weapons to the Horde on a daily basis.

+ Some orcs treated ogres with respect: Orgrim Doomhammer was rather fond of his ogre bodyguards.ToD #?

+Though most ogres were slaves of the early Horde, some clans became members willingly when they were freed from the GronnRotH #?. Some clans like the Stonemaul, are rejoining the Horde willingly; feeling that there is a bond between the orcs and themselves.HPG 26, 156, 157

Though the previous chieftain disliked the Horde, under the leadership of the half-ogre Rexxar the Stonemaul clan joined the Horde and remain allies to the present day.

? It is possible that as both races were enslaved by the Alliance after the Second War that these ogres may consider the orcs punished suitably for their crimes, and that the similar experiences of the orcs could help them to relate to the suffering the ogres have experienced. Others may just remember the fun they had under the horde

? Blood elves and Forsaken undead may protest against ogres who have already joined the the Horde, and any who join the Horde later, due to conflicts with them. The Crushridge ogres are targets of Forsaken agents from Tarren Mill because of the ogres' possession of the Crown of Will, and the artifact's effect prevents the banshees from retaking control of the ogres' minds, thereby the Forsaken thus regret the decision of using them in the first place. Ogres fought the blood elves too in the Second War, and numerous blood elves consider the ogres to be savages, useful only for miscellaneous mockery. Still, their opinions of lesser races have always been particularly cruel...

- "Some orc scholars believe that the ogres were once intelligent and the dominant species of Draenor before the orcs rose to power. Orcs ruthlessly conquered ogre territory, enslaving or killing the ogres as they went; the war between the two races lasted quite a while, fueled by corruption from demonic forces. Soon the ogres were broken, the race either forced into exile or enslaved and used in experiments. To this day, most ogres hate orcs with a passion, remembering the wars they fought against each other."HPG 156



"I bring Panda-monium!"

First seen in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne


See also Pandaren ideas.

+ Pandaren are highly intelligent.

+ They have their own unique architectural style.

+ They have a unique language, Pandaren.

+ There are multiple references by Blizzard to the possibility of pandaren appearing in-game:

  • Katricia: "Do pandarens exist in World of Warcraft? Maybe they will be found in the beta or retail version of the game and maybe they will be granted a special place in an expansion."
  • Lead Game Designer Jeff Kaplan directly addressed the Pandaren in this xfire video interview. He says the Pandaren were definitely in consideration, are one of Blizzard's favorite races, but were not chosen for the Burning Crusade expansion because they didn't fit well with Outland.
  • It's probably also worth mentioning in passing that other journalists, when mentioning the ex-April-Fools-joke Pandaren Empire to Blizzard staff, got a surprisingly cagey response...

? Do not currently exist in World of Warcraft

? They have a settlement in the Stonetalon Mountains, and there is a zone-sized unused area on the map at the west end of the Stonetalon range. Pandaria is said to be located on an island somewhere out at sea (though no specific location is given). (WoW RPG)

? Lore found in the RPG books (over which Chris Metzen holds final approval) states that the pandaren have overall good relations with the races of the Alliance and some of the Horde (with the notable exceptions of the blood elves, trolls, and the Forsaken, whom they believe are evil).A&HC 75

- Pandaren Brewmasters are one of the "neutral hero" units of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. They chose no specific sides, but could be hired as mercenaries (taverns), or by other means (Chen Stormstout), defining the pandaren race's "independent" faction in later lore. Chen Stormstout is a neutral ally in the Warcraft TCG, and can be used by Horde or Alliance, showing his continued neutral status.

- Even though pandaren are neutral in the affairs of Horde and Alliance, they have aided both sides in matters of great importance.DF 15 It is unlikely that the Pandaren will ever choose to involve themselves in the conflict on more than an individual scale. Pandaren who befriend either Horde or Alliance races will defend their companions against whatever threat, even members of the opposing side, but as a society they are totally neutral. Pandaren encountered outside the Barrens are wanderers and travelers, belonging to no affiliation. Their outlook meshes well with the Alliance, and most pandaren in Kalimdor are found in the company of Alliance races, particularly Ironforge dwarves. Pandaren are eccentric, however, and some feel more at home around the Horde. (WoW RPG)

-Their distrust of magic could be an issue, considering most races still practice arcane magic.

-Few pandaren ever leave Pandaria, and those who do are just visiting Kalimdor and have no intentions to stay.A&HC 21DF 205

- The pandaren are independent. Pandaren encountered outside the Barrens are wanderers and travelers, belonging to no affiliation.A&HC 21,22 The pandaren nation has decided to remain neutral, and they appreciate some of the other independent races' reasons for standing safely in the middle.A&HC 75

- Pandaren as a whole do not join other factions (though they may help other factions out). If other races prove themselves able to follow pandaren ways, the pandaren may allow them into their empire.A&HC 75 It's unlikely that the Alliance or Horde would break apart to join an empire. It's also unlikely that individual races would leave their allies to join an empire.

- Only a few pandaren have been encountered by Horde and Alliance. These have included the famous brewmasters, and a few warriors, shamans and wardancers. A few feral Pandaren have been seen as well. The rest of the pandaren live in the isolated and insular reaches of Pandaria cut off from the rest of the world. Because these few pandaren move outside of most pandaren's isolated culture, and interact with other races, they walk outside of their culture's normal ways. A race of mostly brewmasters would not be viable as a playable race, and the main empire has not had contact with either faction and remains isolated. The nation remains undiscovered to this day.A&HC 21DF 16, 205MoM #?

Join the Alliance?

+ Their outlook meshes well with the Alliance, and most pandaren in Kalimdor are found in the company of Alliance races (enough to form a playable race?), they are particularly fond of the Ironforge dwarves in Bael Modan, and citizens of Theramore (especially half-elvesA&HC 75). Pandaren are often found in the company of dwarves in the Eastern Kingdoms.DF 15Several helped the Alliance fight the blood elves on their way to Outland and Northrend. A&HC 22,75 A reference to the pandaren brewmaster and mercenaries of Garithos' Elite Guard in the Eastern Kingdoms, trying to prevent Illidan's blood elves from escaping Dalaran.(TFT) Some have already fought the Horde while helping out the Alliance.A&HC 62

+ Pandaren have already developed a special bond with the Ironforge dwarves. The dwarves are a race that appreciates good ale and a good story, and they have many to tell of their own. The pandaren have enjoyed their stops at Bael Modan and the things they have learned of the Alliance, the Horde and the Scourge there.A&HC 75 Many have made journeys to Khaz Modan.DF 15 Being a race that honors their ancestors as well, they aid the dwarves in their search for titan artifacts when they can. They believe knowing where one comes from is an important aspect to living a full life.A&HC 75

+ Pandaren have the same philosophy when it comes to problem solving as Gnomes do.A&HC 75

+ Pandarens are friends with the night elves.DF 15 They had once severed ties due to the Highborne ruling caste's mad obsession with magic, however in recent times the beliefs of the druidic night elves and pandaren are currently similar. They have amended their friendship recently.DF 15. This could allow them to become allies again in the future.DF 15MoM 76A&HC 54

+They are friends with the half-elves, an Alliance race, they have encountered, as the half elves are beginning to follow the same life-accepting philosophies of the pandaren, and they find them to be ideal traveling partners.AH&C 75

? Shamanism and druidism meshes well with pandaren philosophy. In many ways their faith mirrors the ancient beliefs of the night elves DF 15; Many night elves and half elves are druids. Even some high elves and humans are druids. Wildhammer dwarves practice shamanism and are part of the Alliance (in the MMO), and many draenei are shamans as well. Some circles of pandaren culture is similar to shamanism or druidism. However, pandaren veil their beliefs in the trappings of a mystical and ancient method called geomancy. Geomancy teaches that the land is a reflection of the spirits, but that spirits are also a reflection of the landDF 16

They can also find kindred spirits with Alliance-connected furbolgs of the Stillpine and Barkskin tribesAH&C APG #?

? Chen Stormstout fought alongside Jaina Proudmoore, a high-ranking official of the Alliance, against her father and Kul'tiras. This gives connection to Theramore but detracts from Kul'tiras who supported Admiral Proudmoore.

? Pandaren have spent many months with the furbolg (an Independent race with close ties to the Alliance), learning their simple lives in Ashenvale.AH&C 75

? The Pandarens' opinion of gnomes is unknown. But pandarens and gnomes has same philosophy, so its likely good.

-Whatever their relation to the Alliance, it does not seem that the pandaren will join the humans, elves and other Alliance races in their struggle against the Horde.DF 16 They feel the Alliance gives too much weight to politics, treaties and arcane magic. The Alliance is unnecessarily complicated for the pandaren. For the pandaren, the internal politics of the Alliance are another noisome formality they must endure while learning all they can of the races that occupy the land.AH&C 75DF 16

-While the pandaren are old allies of the night elves, and even have friends among themDF 15, they refuse to commit to the Alliance despite their ancient connections.A&HC 54 Although apparently its not so much arcane magic they have a problem with, but rather obsession with magic.DF 204

Note, the pandaren's opinions of the night elves is still somewhat unclear. It appears they may have resolved their past issues and have befriended the night elves, but it has no baring on any commitment to the Alliance.

Join the Horde?

? Some pandaren feel more at home around the Horde.A&HC 22

Though most are found with the Alliance.

? Chen Stormstout, an independent and "neutral hero" pandaren brewmaster, teamed up with the troll Rokhan, and has also met Drek'Thar and Nazgrel in the city of Orgrimmar. The Horde quest "Chen's Empty Keg" shows he is still remembered by a fellow brewmaster, although it appears Chen has gone home, and hasn't been heard from in a long time. It remains unclear if Chen will ever visit again.

? The blood elves and Forsaken have too much reliance on arcane magic, as do some orcs and trolls. However, most orcs and tauren shun this type of power, as do the Pandaren.

? They have only had experience with a few friendly pandaren including the independent Chen Stormstout who helped fight the Kul'Tiras navy.

? The Horde was once controlled by The Burning Legion, but they broke free. The pandaren might hesitate to join the Horde because of their demonic past. The pandaren already know they are in the midst of healing.AH&C 75

- In many ways the pandaren faith mirrors the ancient tribal beliefs of the tauren, troll and orc races. However, pandaren veil their beliefs in the trappings of a mystical and ancient method called geomancy.DF 16 While they have much in common when it comes to spirituality, they are unlikely to join their forces, they believe the Horde is formed of races in the midst of healing. The Horde needs to find themselves before pandaren would be willing to allow anyone else to join their fold...AH&C 75 The fact that pandaren wouldn't join others, but rather allow others to join their independent faction could cause issues.

- Some neutral pandaren have already battled the Horde, sometimes alongside the Alliance.A&HC 8, 62

- Most pandaren are found with the Alliance (though pandaren are eccentric and some are with the Horde)A&HC 22. Nevertheless, most pandaren outside of Pandaren Empire or the Barren's settlement are found in the company of the Alliance, usually in Bael Modan, Theramore, or Khaz Modan.A&HC 22,75DF 16

-Pandaren do not care much for the blood elves or Forsaken.AH&C 75 They find all jungle trolls puzzling, as they view them as practicing divine magic, but for evil purposes, which doesn't coincide with the pandaren philosophy (geomancy).AH&C 75 They apparently view "voodoo" as being evil.

However, some of the tribal beliefs of trolls mirror the pandaren faith. However, pandaren philosophy is considered different than the trolls beliefs.DF 16
It should also be pointed out that the Alliance & Horde Compendium is about the Horde jungle trolls (aka Darkspear), "Affiliation: Horde.A&HC 23" (although it does have comparisons to their kindred). So in context this is the pandaren race's view of all the jungle trolls race as a whole (though the book mainly discusses the Darkspear). No distinction is made between jungle trolls or the "kinder" tribe of trolls by the Pandaren. If they have changed their views on jungle trolls or not is unknown. Note that their view of the jungle trolls' tribal faith is valid; while voodoo can be used for neutral purposes, its alignment tends towards evil and/or chaotic spectrum of alignment. It is definitely considered "black magic", "bloodthirsty", "non-good", "non-lawful", "dark", "malign" and "malevolent" compared to other forms of religion, and often involves reverence to dark voodoo spiritsHPG 44, 146WoWRPG 50. Weakening and cursing an enemy, however evil he might be, is not a good act.HPG 146 Because of its nature it is frowned upon by the Horde and viewed with suspicion by all other races.HPG 145 Orcs and tauren are trying to convince the trolls to replace their voodoo with shamanism and even druidism.



After Babe met Rambo.

First seen in Warcraft 3


+ Quilboar are intelligent.

+ They have their own unique architectural style.

+ The (demi)god of the quilboar, Agamaggan, aided the other demigods and the mortal races against the Burning Legion in ancient times.

- Almost from birth, young quilboar are indoctrinated with teachings of hatred for other sapient species. Quilboar are fiercely territorial and attack most other species on sight. Their mentality leaves little room for alliance with other races.MoM 82DF 17

- The race is usually lawful evil, and does not get along with good-aligned races.MG 111

- The largest known Quilboar tribe is currently allied with The Scourge.

Join the Alliance?

- As a race quilboar hate all other sapient racesMoM 82DF 121, they are fiercly territorial and attack most species on sightDF 17. The quilboar poses a threat to the Alliance, especially at Bael Modan, though are currently more occupied with their skirmishes with the HordeLoM 28.

Although, this could lead to a possible explanation (that doesn't involve retconning) for quilboar to join the Alliance, as a chunk of quilboar's ancestral land was taken from them by the Horde, although the same is said for the Alliance as well (Bael Modan as an example). On the other hand there are quests that lead the Alliance to the Razorfens, and they are hostile to the Alliance as well as the Horde.
Lore states that quilboar are hostile to all other sapient races, denying the speculation that their hostility to the Alliance is a mere gameplay mechanic. In game there are quests that lead the Alliance into battle in the Razorfens as further evidence that it's more than a mechanic. Dark factions states they don't like any one pretty much.DF 121

- Quilboar are only found in low-level Horde zones (levels 1-20) in Central Kalimdor, and following the game's mechanics its not likely that Blizzard would create a starting area for the Alliance within Horde controlled territory and starting areas. There is no lore or evidence of quilboar living in Northern Kalimdor near the Alliance controlled areas, on the contrary the lore states that Quilboar live only in Central Kalimdor mostly in the Barrens, with some living in Durotar or Mulgore.LoM #?MoM 82MG 111

Join the Horde?

? Mangletooth is captured quilboar in Camp Taurajo and not actually a Horde member according to the quest lore, however he able to work with players to get revenge on the ones that betrayed him. He is flagged as a Horde PvP NPC for some reason, although he is not technically a member of the Horde.

-Rexxar, half-ogre champion of the Horde killed many quilboar when population numbers became a problem for the Horde. Quilboar have not forgiven the Horde for this transgression, and hold bitter resentment against anyone allied with the HordeDF 120, 121. They have hatred especially the tauren and the orcs whom they believe to be trespassing on their ancestral lands.



"Claws, horns, hooves, what are we saying? Is this Diablo?"

First seen in Warcraft 3


See also Satyr ideas.

+ Many satyrs are not in the employ of the Burning Legion, instead making their own way in the world. Due to their lack of backup and resources, they would certainly need help were they to ever intend to make any impact on the world, or to carry out an important quest - for example, visiting Xavius at the bottom of the Great Sea in an attempt to find a way to reverse their condition...

+ Satyr are highly intelligent.

+ They have their own unique architectural style.

+ Some satyrs have left Burning Legion, and turned agains it. (Few Joined Illidari)

+ Have "own" language, Eredun.

+ Though they are said to be "evil", they still get along with other races and employ adventurers.MG 117

? When you complete Zenn Foulhoof's quest, he says "Who would have ever guessed that I, Zenn Foulhoof, would have a night elf to do my bidding? Certainly not me! But so it goes... this beloved world of ours is full of surprises." An ironic hint by Blizzard?

? Females of this race do not currently exist in-game.

? They are a "Demon"-type creature in game, not Humanoid. However, this can be changed in the same way as Forsaken are not Undead. Interestingly, few humanoid satyrs appear already in-game.

-The Satyr race's affiliation is considered the Burning Legion. Satyrs are demons and members of the Burning Legion. However, they are chaotic, and don’t necessarily get along with each other; different groups occasionally go to war. Satyrs hate pretty much everyone who doesn’t work to further the Legion’s goals. They don’t even get along with each other.DF 19DF 20

But not all are members of Burning legion, of course.

- Usually chaotic evil. Satyrs are evil, though occasionally they work with other races to further their own goals — notably, a few satyrs employ adventurers (both Horde and Alliance) on missions to undermine their enemies’ societies. (Understandably, neither the Horde nor the Alliance look favorably on adventurers who deal with such dark forces.) As satyrs are twisted and corrupted, violence and depravity are inseparable parts of their nature.MG 117

Being "evil" may not necessarily be a barrier to becoming a new race, however. Many of playable races are evil.

Join the Alliance?

-Satyrs have a special hatred for night elves, as these creatures handed the demons their first defeat in the War of the Ancients.DF 19

But, as with the Forsaken, they might be accepted by other Alliance races that had little to do with them so far.

? The satyr Zenn Foulhoof lives in Teldrassil, and is friendly towards Alliance players. Although he is up to no good, the night elves only employ a minor punishment when he causes trouble. This shows that whilst the elves may find him distasteful, they are willing to tolerate his presence. However, this is an isolated incident, and all other satyrs are hostile.

Join the Horde?

+ Should some "traitor" satyrs join Horde, orcs would most likely gladly help them fight against Burning Legion.

+ Big numbers of satyrs have joined Kael´thas forces, proving that bloodelves and satyrs get along. (though these particular ones are propably more loyal to the Burning Legion and Kil'jaeden than Kael and his felsworn.) They also share history and common enemy: night elves.

? The Horde has had little conflicts with satyrs, but Rexxar and Rokhan killed some satyrs in Dustwallow March during proudmoore´s attacks.

? Would taurens accept satyrs?

Well, they accepted Forsakens...

Further ideas in more detail



"Attention, duelists! My tusks are assaulting you!"

First seen in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne


+ Tuskarr are highly intelligent

+ They have their own unique language.

+ They have their own unique architectural style.

- They are are a race of fishermen without an organised society or community figureheads, simply operating out of small villages (the largest being Kaskala).

- Unlikely to appear in any expansion after Wrath of the Lich King.

According to the official site & Dark Factions, they are a neutral faction to both the Horde and the Alliance. The tuskarr’s friendly and peaceable nature allows them to deal with people from both the Alliance and the Horde. Traders offering goods the tuskarr cannot manufacture are especially welcome in their villages. Most tuskarr get along well with dwarves, gnomes and goblins, whom they respect for their ingeniousness. They treat humans and orcs with respect, but are suspicious of elves and trollsDF 22.

Join the Alliance?

? The tuskarr of Kaskala are on good terms with Brann Bronzebeard, and good neighbors to the Alliance.LoM 92 They however remain a neutral faction.

Join the Horde?

? The Tuskarr of Kaskala have struck a pact with the Horde forces of Warsong Hold due to their similar outlook.[3] They however remain a neutral faction.



"Hey there, little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good..."

First seen in World of Warcraft


See also Worgen ideas.

? Possible Forsaken-type lore. Worgen who don't want to cause so much bloodshed or having obtained free will could join either side.

? There are seemingly two kinds of worgen: the extradimensional ones summoned by the Scythe of Elune from a distant planet; and those cursed by Arugal's magic (though it is possible that there are more Worgen cursed in other ways). The former seems unlikely as a playable race seeing as they are feral, bloodthirsty monsters whilst the latter, like Forsaken undead, retain a measure of humanity.

? Worgens are sadistic creatures, but some show intelligence.

? Females of this race do not currently exist in-game.

? Worgen have a number of emotes and player animations such as laughing, waving, swimming etc.

- They dwell in simple huts and usually wear cured leather scraps as rudimentary armor.MG 146

- Inherently chaotic and murderous (extraterrestrial type).

- Ur writes: "For wherever the Worgen tread, they bring terror and bloodshed with them."

- Always neutral evil. These creatures are thoroughly evil, delighting in torturing and devouring intelligent creatures. They enjoy hearing the screams of their victims as they tear them apart piece by piece. Worgen never show mercy or remorse.MG 146

Join the Alliance?

+ The Kirin Tor Archmage, Alphus Wordwill, suggests a method of using "good-hearted" worgen to fight the Scourge and other evils for the Alliance:

"This begs the question as to what can be done with them. Are we morally correct in eliminating them, as they are a danger to all mortals? I do not believe so; rather, I believe we should find a cure. If possible, this cure would not prevent the transformation, it would do more — it would preserve the afflicted individual’s mindset after the transformation. Such an effect would allow good-hearted worgen to take on fearsome physical abilities and use these against the Forsaken, the Scourge and other evil powers. Given proper funding and support, I believe that I could create such a cure."LoC 104

+ During Velinde Starsong's vision, she saw the Worgen battling the Burning Legion on the wolfmen's home planet, and when Velinde summoned them using the Scythe of Elune, they agreed to assist her in battling their common foe in Felwood.

? The fate of the human domain of Gilneas is unknown, but it is speculated that the inhabitants became werewolves in a similar way to the inhabitants of Pyrewood Village. Either way, Gilneas has a weak connection to the Alliance despite being a human kingdom.

? The Alliance seems to be friendly with the citizens of Pyrewood village during the day (who sell basic goods to travelers). That they become violent at night may only be down to the powers Arugal possesses over them.

Note that the Pyrewood villagers turn on you when you find Apothecary Berard in a hidden room in the inn.

- They are a direct cause of the devastation of the human land of Duskwood.

Join the Horde?

+ Apothecary Berard, an undead, was affected by the worgen curse - which creates the possibility of a Forsaken worgen playable race.

? Wolves have always been the symbol of the Horde with orcs frequently honoring them and naming themselves after them.

? The Forsaken would likely protest against human-worgen joining the Horde, as they has been much conflict between the two in Silverpine Forest. The Sons of Arugal quest chain, among numerous quests, molds a negative opinion towards worgen from a Horde standpoint.


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