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Compare equipped inventory items against items in any other frames, including but not limited to quest and log, bags and bank, crafts, chat hyperlinks, and even other mods.


  • Mouseover any equippable item button (eg. in containers, banks, quests, etc.) or chat hyperlink (GameTooltip will popup) to compare your current equipment.
  • Tooltips will try to stay within screen boundaries.
  • Icons accompany tooltips.
  • Scales properly (such as with TipBuddy).
  • Lightweight (only about 10kB) and no dependencies nor extraneous code.

Commands Edit

  • If you want to hide comparisons unless Control key is down, then type this into chat

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hidecompare=1

  • To undo that, type this

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hidecompare=nil

  • If you want to hide icons unless Alt key is down, type this

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hideicon=1

  • To undo that, type this

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hideicon=nil

  • If you want to hide tooltips when mousing over chat hyperlinks, type this

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hidelinkenter=1

  • To undo that, type this

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hidelinkenter=nil

Current Version Edit

v03 - WoW 2.0 compatible


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