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Quetz'lun dialogue

Dialogue with the spirit.

Quetz'lun's Spirit is the spirit of the loa goddess Quetz'lun. She was betrayed by her prophet, but sucked in her drakkari worshippers into a "special underworld of her own creation" before she was slain. She says that she can at least "delight in their eternal torment".

She will assist players in killing her prophet in the quest Neutral 15 [77] You Reap What You Sow.

See Zul'Drak NPCs.

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  • Burn in the fires of my fury!
  • My judgment is final.
  • Eternal damnation is your future.
  • You killed me and now I will kill you... over and over!
  • I find you wanting.
  • There is no escape. There is only my wrath!
  • Beg for your life. Plead. It will do you no good!

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