The melee approachEdit

The adds currently spawn as one three man group, then a huge wave of about 5-6 three man groups. They're all elite archers. I'm not sure how this is supposed to be done in a 5 man, as there seems no way to keep the archers off the healer (or AoEer). That being said, they don't produce huge amounts of damage, so perhaps it can simply be healed through, if your healer is wearing decent armor, and you have access to concentration aura or your healer is a druid (as pushback is likely a problem).

The approach I took was to take down each of the three starting mobs one at a time in melee, dying (along with a mostly naked healer) after each one. The adds despawn fairly shortly after running back, and the starting mobs don't respawn until, apparently, the cycle is finished and Deathwail has been killed or has despawned.

Deathwail, on the other hand, will despawn shortly after the adds despawn, so you'll have to jump on him pretty quickly. The first time I tried this, a horde group showed up and killed Deathwail while I was recovering from being dead. The second time, I wasn't quite fast enough, and he despawned. But the approach seems sound, for a melee type with a healer backup. Flowers 15:55, 25 October 2007 (UTC)

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