For anybody who is curious what will happen if you do the quest, but who doesn't want to play any part in tormenting the poor Draenei (I felt sorry for him), here's how it goes. You bring the essence back to Azethen and he orders the Draenei to drink it, promising to make the Draenei suffer if he does not obey. The Draenei complies and says something in his own language (I guess you need to be an Alliance player who is nearby and stealthed to find out what). He drinks the stuff and then keels over dead, rather than being turned into a Broken or experiencing a lot of agony which was kind of what I expected. Azethen then says that it looks like he will need a new test subject, and that's the end of it.--Illidan Rocks 02:25, 29 November 2007 (UTC)

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