Past You Whispers Edit

I didn't get the same thing as what's on this page. I actually got the following conversation:

  • Past You whispers: Whoa! You're me, but from the future! Hey, my equipment got an upgrade. Cool!
  • Past You whispers: Here come the Infinites! I've got to keep the hourglass safe. Can you help?
  • Past You whispers: I think I'm going to turn to drinking after this.
  • Paster You whispers: So, how does it all turn out in Icecrown?
  • Past You whispers: What hte heck? Nozdormu is up there!
  • Past You whispers: I fee like I'm being pulled away through time. Thanks for the help....

Is it possible that the messages are either random from a list or based upon your character's current status/gear? Goliath Cobalt (talk) 03:58, January 24, 2010 (UTC)

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