For this one, I strongly recommend you take an unorthodox approach - bombing from the ground. The flak balls only come after you when you are on a flying mount, so use your ground mount with a combo of fighting and stealth to get into position on a platform with flak cannons. From there, move near a cannonball pile, mount, toss a bomb and promptly get blown off your mount. Heal up and move to another cannonball pile. As this area seriously nukes my frame rate, it's next to impossible to attempt it while flying. Doing it on the ground makes it much easier. Dracnal 14:04, 4 June 2007 (UTC)Dracnal

That dot from those cannons is a pain. I usually get shot down a couple times, but having to heal after every strike is time consuming. For those whose framerate is playable, do it the "real" way. I get the best results approaching at a low angle below the arc of most of the flak, or even on the ground, but still mounted mounted. I try to flank the cannons - where they're in a line, I hit the ones at the ends instead of the middle, and where there in a circle, like the back of the camps, I hit ones that are set out from the main ring. Swoop in, throw your bomb (They're like grenades, you can move while they channel), and as soon as you click the ground, start a wide arc up and away from the cannons. The flight controls are a bit chunky - I turn on autorun and use a combination of the spacebar (jump/fly up) and mouselook to steer. Avoid approaching or retreating in a straight line, or the cannons will get you. Use arcs and change your pitch, and you're gold. An easy way to change pitch is to aim your mount down into the ground, and with autorun set, press and release the spacebar (or whatever you've mapped jump to). On a non-epic mount, I usually get shot down twice, but it's better than eating fifteen of those blasts.--Hevach 12:39, 23 August 2007 (UTC)

Quick question: Can druids use the bombs in flight form? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Chrazriit (talkcontr).

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