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Horde 32 Zul'Marosh
StartVen'jashi [71, 72]
EndVen'jashi [71, 72]
Requires Level 8
CategoryEversong Woods
Experience875 XP
or 5Silver25Copper at Level 100
Reputation+75 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards[Ven'jashi's Bow] or
[Hoodoo Wand]

Objectives Edit

Ven'jashi, the troll prisoner at Tor'Watha, wants you to bring him Chieftain Zul'Marosh's Head. Chieftain Zul'Marosh[62, 79] can be found in Zeb'Watha, across Lake Elrendar.

Description Edit

Come closer, mon. Don't be 'fraid, Ven'jashi not gonna hurt you.

Us Darkspears be mortal enemies of the Amani just like you. Their boss Zul'Marosh is evil troll. He give me the bad poison and leave me in this cage to die.

I not scared of dyin', mon. I seen death in the eye an' I laugh at her.

I cannot die in peace yet, mon. Not 'til Zul'Marosh be dead too. You find him 'cross the lake in Zeb'Watha. I hold this poison off 'til you bring me his big ugly head, mon. Only then I die peacefully.

Progress Edit

You bring me Zul'Marosh's head?

Completion Edit

Ya, mon. Zul'Marosh had this comin'. He burn down Ven'jashi's village. I kill many Amani before they put me in this cage. I hide something in the sand, my gift for you now.

Ah... ah, the poison... it spread now, mon. Time to rest...

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv weapon bow 05
Inv staff 02

Gains Edit

Notes Edit

Zul'Marosh can be found at [62, 79]

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