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The subject of this article or section is part of Love is in the Air, a seasonal event that lasts two weeks. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next year, but there are no guarantees.

Horde 32 Zinge's Assessment
StartApothecary Zinge
EndFenstad Argyle
Requires Level 1
CategoryLove is in the Air
Rewards[Box of Chocolates] or [Handful of Rose Petals]
PreviousFenstad's Hunchω τ ϖ
NextTracing the Sourceω τ ϖ

Objectives Edit

Return to Fenstad Argyle outside the bank in the Undercity.

Description Edit

This is unexpected. It looks like Fenstad might be on to something after all. I found traces of substances used in mind control potions. It isn't unheard of for perfumes to have some of this, but a few of the ingredients I detected... This is serious alchemy, along the abilities of a member of the Royal Apothecary Society.

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv box 02
[Box of Chocolates]
Inv misc dust 04
[Handful of Rose Petals]

Completion Edit

So, I was right. We must waste no time. We must determine the source of these tainted fragrances. Here, to repay you for the purchase of the cologne and perfume.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [80] Dangerous Loveω τ ϖ
  2. Horde 15 [80] Fenstad's Hunchω τ ϖ
  3. Horde 15 [80] Zinge's Assessmentω τ ϖ
  4. Horde 15 [80] Tracing the Sourceω τ ϖ
  5. Horde 15 [80] Tracing the Source (2)ω τ ϖ
  6. Horde 15 [80] The Source Revealedω τ ϖ
  7. Neutral 15 [80] A Bubbling Cauldron

Patch changes Edit

0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.3.0 (08-Dec-2009):  Patch changed achievements for the event, and can be presumed to have removed this quest.

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