Objectives Edit

Use the smoke beacon at each of Zeth'Gor's towers, and then return to Wing Commander Dabir'ee at Expedition Point.

  • Northern Tower Marked
  • Southern Tower Marked
  • Forge Tower Marked
  • Foothill Tower Marked

Provided Item:

Description Edit

It's time to strike Zeth'Gor from the air! Our gryphon riders are ready for a sortie, <name>. But they need someone on the ground to direct their fire. Are you ready for a covert mission?

Take these smoke beacons into Zeth'Gor, the Bleeding Hollow stronghold to the west. They have four guard towers: one near their northern wall, one near their southern wall, one near their forge and another nestled in their foothills. Place a beacon underneath each of the towers and we'll fly in and bomb them!

Completion Edit

I could see the smoke and flames from here! Good job, <name>! You received more than a few words of praise from our gryphon riders -- what you just did took a lot of guts...

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest plate16
Inv chest chain 07
Inv chest leather 06
Inv chest cloth 08
Inv chest cloth 05

You will also receive: 1Gold 80Silver

Gains Edit

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