Quest:Zanza's Potent Potables

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Neutral 32 Zanza's Potent Potables
StartRin'wosho the Trader
EndRin'wosho the Trader
Requires Level 58
RewardsSheen of Zanza or Spirit of Zanza or Swiftness of Zanza

This is one of the Zandalar buff quests. It rewards characters with a choice of one of three elixirs:


With your increased status amongst the tribe comes access to some of our more potent potables. Behold... these brews are strong in the mojo - blessed by Zanza and fit for adventurers from all walks of life!

I will allow you to choose one from the three I offer; in exchange, I require one Zandalar Honor Token. Note that only the effects of a single one may course through your spirit at any given time.

Let me know when you're ready to barter!


A fair trade, my friend - please enjoy the blessings of Zanza with our compliments!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv potion 29
[Sheen of Zanza]
Inv potion 30
[Spirit of Zanza]
Inv potion 31
[Swiftness of Zanza]

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A Zandalar Honor Token can be obtained by completing any of the following quests:

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