Quest:Yowler Must Die!

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Alliance 32 Yowler Must Die!
EndMagistrate Solomon [28.9, 41.1]
CategoryRedridge Mountains
Experience1,750 XP
or 10Silver50Copper at Level 100
Reputation+500 Stormwind
Rewards[Escalation Britches] or [Mongrel Leggings] or [Legguards of Invasion]
PreviousThey've Wised Up...
NextJohn J. Keeshan

Objectives Edit

Kill Yowler and recover the Blackrock Invasion Plans.

Description Edit

<The gnomecorder hums.>

You need to find Yowler, <name>. He'll be located somewhere in the northern region of Redridge Canyons. Kill that mongrel and search his corpse for the Blackrock invasion plans. Should you succeed, bring the plans to me over at the town hall in Lakeshire.

Solomon, out.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants 01
[Escalation Britches]
Inv pants 02
[Mongrel Leggings]
Inv pants 03
[Legguards of Invasion]

You will also receive: 25Silver

Progress Edit

Do you have the Blackrock invasion plans?

Completion Edit

<Magistrate Solomon takes the plans from you and begins reading.>

Shadowhide army!? Damn those orcs to hell! These invasion plans speak of a massive build up of orcish and gnoll forces in the east. Looks like Gath'Ilzogg, the Blackrock general, is preparing to march his armies across Lakeshire and attack Stormwind directly!

Notes Edit

Pick up Saving Foreman Oslow from the back of the cave. The Canyon Ettin can be used to kill Yowler, which is good. Yowler is at [26.8, 22.1] in Yowler's Den. Kill him then head back to town.

On complete:

Magistrate Solomon says: We're finished! I might as well call for an evacuation now and clear out Lakeshire before the orcs march.
Magistrate Solomon says: And right when we finally finished building that damned bridge! What hope is there, <name>?
Colonel Troteman says: There is hope, Solomon.
Magistrate Solomon says: What hope, colonel? What could possibly save us from the impending assault?
Colonel Troteman says: He served 248 consecutive tours of duty across the First, Second and Third Wars.
Colonel Troteman says: Captured five years ago by a batallion of filthy, pig sucking Blackrocks, five clicks out from the southern DMZ.
Colonel Troteman says: Tortured and kept alive as a urinal for young orc warriors. For FIVE YEARS.
Colonel Troteman says: JOHN. J. KEESHAN.
Magistrate Solomon says: Keeshan's alive? I thought he died.
Colonel Troteman says: He's alive alright, and been living like an outcast in Lakeshire for the past five months. Or hadn't you noticed? Now enough chatter. We've got people to save!

Quest progressionEdit

Optional lead-in: Hero's Call: Redridge Mountains!

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [15] Still Assessing the Threat
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [16] Parker's Report
  3. Official alliance mini-icon [16] We Must Prepare!
  4. Official alliance mini-icon [16] Tuning the Gnomecorder
  5. Official alliance mini-icon [16] Canyon Romp
  6. Official alliance mini-icon [16] They've Wised Up...
  7. Official alliance mini-icon [16] Yowler Must Die!
  8. Official alliance mini-icon [17] John J. Keeshan
  9. Official alliance mini-icon [17] This Ain't My War
  10. Official alliance mini-icon [17] In Search of Bravo Company
  11. Official alliance mini-icon [17] Breaking Out is Hard to Do
  12. Official alliance mini-icon [17] Jorgensen
  13. Official alliance mini-icon [17] Krakauer
  14. Official alliance mini-icon [17] And Last But Not Least... Danforth
  15. Official alliance mini-icon [17] Return of the Bravo Company
  16. Official alliance mini-icon [18] They Drew First Blood
  17. Official alliance mini-icon [18] It's Never Over
  18. Complete all of:
  19. Official alliance mini-icon [18] Prisoners of War
  20. Official alliance mini-icon [18] To Win a War, You Gotta Become War
  21. Official alliance mini-icon [18] Detonation
  22. Official alliance mini-icon [19] The Dark Tower
  23. Official alliance mini-icon [19] The Grand Magus Doane
  24. Official alliance mini-icon [20] AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!
  25. Official alliance mini-icon [20] Showdown at Stonewatch
  26. Official alliance mini-icon [20] Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker
  27. Official alliance mini-icon [20] Triumphant Return

Patch historyEdit

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Added

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