Quest:Yous Have Da Darkrune?

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Neutral 32 Yous Have Da Darkrune?
Requires Level 70
CategoryBlade's Edge Mountains
ReputationOgri'la 10
Rewards[Crystalforged Darkrune]
PreviousA Crystalforged Darkrune

This daily repeatable quest gives you a Crystalforged Darkrune. The Crystalforged Darkrune is used to start the Shartuul's Transporter event, notable for the loot acquired upon successful completion.

Quest Text Edit

Da demons of dat camp fixes da transporter all da times. Gahk say <name> smash dems better dis time!

But, Gahk need another darkrune ta make da crystalforged darkrune.

If little <race> not have a darkrune, you talk with Kronk. Him try ta make one darkrune every day! Maybe yous get one in his grab bag?!


Completion Edit

Haha, good! Gahk like darkrunes! You take crystalforged darkrune dat Gahk make earlier.

<name> remember, control da degrader, den use hammer to smash da magic shield on Shartuul's transporter. Let out da other demon and fight him so you control him, too! Den smash and control more demons until no more come!

Den you save Ogri'la!

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

You can acquire more darkrunes by completing the quest Banish More Demons.


Icon-shortcutSee also: Shartuul's Transporter event

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