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Horde 32 Your Place In The World
StartKaltunk [43, 69]
EndGornek [42, 68]
Requires Level 1
CategoryValley of Trials
Experience5-40 XP
or  at Level 110
ReputationOrgrimmar +75
Darkspear Trolls +75
NextCutting Teeth

Objectives Edit

Speak with Gornek. You recall Kaltunk marking your map with his location and mentioning that Gornek resided in the Den, a building to the west.

Description Edit

Finally, you are of age, <name>... of age to battle in the name of the Horde. To conquer for the glory of the Warchief.


<Kaltunk looks you over.>

You will do nicely.

No doubt you wish to find a great dragon or demon and strangle it with your bare hands, but perhaps it would be wise to start on something less... dangerous.

<Kaltunk laughs.>

Report to Gornek, he should be able to assign a task better suited to a young <class>. You will find Gornek in the Den, to the west.

Completion Edit

Another one of Kaltunk's recruits, hm?

A sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in if this is the best the Horde can produce. No matter. By the time we think you're ready to leave the Valley, you'll be a proud <class> of the Horde.

Rewards Edit


  • 5 - 40 XP


Notes Edit

This is the first quest that an Orc or a Troll character normally completes. However, this quest can be completed by any Horde race.

Quest progression Edit

Also required for these chains

  1. Horde 15 [1] Your Place In The World
  2. Horde 15 [2] Cutting Teeth
  3. Horde 15 [3] Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise

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