Quest:Your Friend On The Inside

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Neutral 32 Your Friend On The Inside
StartYarzill the Merc
EndYarzill the Merc
Requires Level 70
CategoryShadowmoon Valley

Your Friend On The Inside is Yarzill the Merc's introduction quest, available after completing Neutral 15 [70] Enter the Taskmaster at neutral reputation with Netherwing.

Completion Edit

Didn't think we'd leave you to face the fel orc army by yourself, did you?

<Yarzill's eyes flicker a translucent blue.>

Aye, we are here with you, <name>. For every service you perform for the fel orcs in your quest to reclaim Netherwing lands, we'll be at your side to make sure that they suffer a sufficient setback.

You'll need to keep a low profile so as not to draw any unwanted attention to yourself during your sabotage missions.

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