Quest:Young Lovers

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Alliance 32 Young Lovers
StartMaybell Maclure
EndTommy Joe Stonefield
Requires Level 5
CategoryElwynn Forest
Experience15-140 XP
or  at Level 100

Objectives Edit

Give [Maybell's Love Letter] to Tommy Joe Stonefield.

Quest text Edit

Oh, I'm cursed! My heart belongs to Tommy Joe Stonefield, but our families are bitter enemies. So I can't see him, even though my eyes ache to gaze upon that handsome face!

Please, take this letter and give it to Tommy Joe. He's usually at the river to the west of the Stonefield Farm, which is due west of here.


You have what?? Maybell is the light of my dull life. Hurry, let me see her letter!


Ah! I can't stand us being apart. I have to see her!!

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