Yoggtord's camp.

Objectives Edit

Kill Yoggtord.

Provided item:

Description Edit

Nazgrim's getting irritated - even more than normal. He's a brilliant leader, but when he snaps, he loses all restraint.

We need him to be calm and collected if we're ever going to succeed in our mission.

The taunts from that meatbag to the south can't be helping his temper. Silence him, and perhaps the general can relax a little.

Here, use my poison. It should make taking him down much easier.

Completion Edit

With Yoggtord's taunts silenced, Nazgrim will surely be able to think more clearly.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Notes Edit

  • Head south down the trail from Hellscream's Hope. At the fork, take a right onto the Path of Enlightenment, then take an immediate right.
  • Be sure to use the poison, otherwise Yogg will be elite with approximately triple the health.
  • After Yogg is killed, be sure to turn in the quest before he respawns so you can accept the next quest from the Sacred Scroll on the crate near him.

Patch changes Edit

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